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Florida International Universtiy


Miami Beach

Sea Level Rise and Miami Beach Politics

Miami Beach residents hold in their hearts the nostalgia of yesteryear. In North Beach – the northern-most neighborhood in Miami Beach – yesteryear sparks a…

Miami Dade Animal Services

Palmetto Bay


How stem cells may affect our aging process

The concept of aging varies from individual to individual. Different theories have emerged over the last 100 years seeking to explain it, with Max Rubner…

South Miami

MDX Gives Frequent Customers Cash Back

Good news for the more than 54,000 drivers who registered for this year’s MDX Cash Back Program – the agency is sending you a 30…

Grant Miller’s Column

Sign up now for youth baseball and softball

Registration has started for the 2017 season of Howard Palmetto Baseball and Softball. Divisions are available for girls and boys from high school ages all…

Campus & Community Engagement

Libraries are not just repositories of dusty books or serious places of study, but places where people can come together and have fun while engaging…