Bulk Trash And Recycling Guidelines

As the city’s solid waste contractor, Waste Pro handles household trash, bulk waste, yard debris, recycling, and other residential curb-side items under the following guidelines:

City residents may dispose of their own trees for pick-up by Waste Pro. Cut tree limbs, branches, and individual trimmings to lengths no longer than 6 x 6 x 6 cubic yards which is equal to 18ft x 18ft. x 18ft. Limbs may be no larger than eight (8) inches in diameter. The Waste Pro bulk debris truck uses a mechanical claw which has a weight limit. Grass clippings, except for the pampas variety, must be bagged for collection because they cannot be collected with automated equipment. Sort piles by type so that large, heavy pieces of wood are not mixed with other debris, such as branches, vines, shrubs, and other less-heavy vegetation. The different types of yard waste may be sent to different landfills so it’s important that the debris piles are sorted before Waste Pro’s crew arrives. Yard debris, limbs, and trimmings shall not block sidewalks, streets, driveways, or water meter boxes. Limbs, hedge trimmings, and other debris shall be placed parallel with the street and away from power lines and cables. Every effort should be made to keep yard waste out of the storm drains and grates. Clogged drains can cause local flooding and create traffic hazards. Please make sure your yard waste stays clear of all storm water catch basins.

ACCEPTABLE Bulk Trash Items

• Bagged general household debris

• Boxes

• Bagged yard clippings, including leaves and grass

• Trees and shrubs –cut in lengths that are less than 4 feet

• Bundled or bagged trash shall not weight more than 50 pounds

• Place trash on the right-of-way at no more than 5 feet from the edge of pavement and at least 3 feet from mailboxes, parked cars, trees, utility poles or other obstructions.

• Trash placed less than 3 feet from mailboxes, parked cars, trees, utility poles or other obstructions may not be picked up and property owner may be fined.


The following items are not acceptable and should not be set out for pick-up:

• Dirt or sod

• Toxic materials

• Highly flammable materials

• Old vehicles or parts

• Motorcycles or parts

• Boats or parts

• Trailers

• Concrete

• Construction and remodeling debris

• Important note: Tree limbs and yard debris resulting from contracted services will not be picked up by Waste Pro. Hired service contractors such as tree and landscape companies must remove all yard waste resulting from their work.

• The Property owner can place the landscaping clippings in front of the property, as long as it meets the required size and it is within the scheduled pick-up date.

• The property owner is responsible for disposing the construction and remodeling debris off the property. If a construction contractor is working on your property, then the contractor is responsible for disposing the debris and materials.

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