From the Desk of Commissioner Dorsett

From the Desk of Commissioner DorsettIn West Park, I am often referred to as the “Economic Development Commissioner”. It is a distinction that I am extremely proud of being associated by. The future of West Park has much to do with taking full advantage of economic development opportunities that will shape our competitive edge and sustain our economic viability.

During my tenure as your Commissioner, I have appointments to several key positions at local, state and national levels. Specifically, I serve on the Florida League of Cities’ Economic Development Board. At the national level, I serve on the Small Cities Economic Development, Growth Management and Transportation Committee. Since 2007, I serve on the local State Road 7 Collaborative. The last board meeting focused on Economic Development opportunities along State Road 7. My interest in Economic Development opportunities for the City, is not limited to any particular area, but rather Citywide. I have been working with the City Administrator to identify opportunities that will sustain all areas of our City in the future years.

It is well known that I consistently pushed an Economic Development strategy for the City of West Park. The strategy is now taking shape. At a recent City Commission meeting, a City consultant, under the direction of the City Administrator, introduced a formal E c o n omi c Development plan, which included several of the ideas that I recommended over a per iod of year s . Once fully implemented, the plan will allow development for hotels, retail establishments/ stores, banking institutions, theatres, supermarkets, and even a civic cultural center along the SR-7 441 corridor. New construction and re-development will increase tourism to the area and will help create job opportunities for our West Park residents.

From the Desk of Commissioner DorsettAs our Nation’s Economy improves, there is no reason why West Park should not also benefit from overall recovery. I have maintained an open-door policy when it comes to our local business owners and their concerns. I will continue to introduce new ideas and plans that are effectively working throughout the nation.

As a City, I have been collaborating with higher education institutions such as Florida Atlantic University to develop partnership opportunities. Through my involvement on State and National Boards, we have increased our visibility within the State of Florida as a possible destination for future business. As your Commissioner, my goal is to identify and attract entrepreneurs that are willing and ready to do business. West Park awaits you!

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