By Sharon Fyffee….
One afternoon last week I was driving across the parking lot from the post office to Home Depot when I noticed the new “City of West Park” sign across the top of the building in front of me. I stopped my car, turned the engine off and just sat there and looked. It was a quite a sight, AND IT WAS FOR REAL. After several years, we finally have a city with a home. How nice. So many people worked so hard for this and I know we all feel great about this accomplishment – this milestone.

The negotiations for the City Hall, preparation of the space, and the Ribbon Cutting ceremony held on Thursday, April 14, were the result of much hard work by our City Staff and our new City Manager, W. Ajibola Balogun. I am amazed at how smoothly and quietly the transition was from our old offices to the new location. It was business as usual while workmen were still doing the finishing touches. Our Ribbon Cutting ceremony went without a hitch. Everyone was talking about our beautiful new City Hall!

Mr. Balogun, thank you for doing so much to make us such an attractive, fully functional, high-tech City Hall. It is a job well done and a City Hall we will always be proud of.

I am looking forward to bringing some cultural arts events to our City. To start with, I presently am displaying two oil paintings in my new office at City Hall. They are both original oil paintings created by West Park artist, Mary Bapty, who is a long time resident of our area. Please stop by and see them. I would like to hear from any other West Park artists who have original artwork they would like to display. Please call me at 954-963-7745. I am hopeful we will soon get together a Cultural Arts Council for our City so we can fully support all the arts and arts lovers here in West Park.

Have a pleasant rest of the month.

Always call on me for any concerns.

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