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As you browse through this issue of your Cities newspaper, you will recognize that West Park is a city on the move. Over the years many positive changes have been implemented, programs, and events aimed at strengthening and revitalizing our community. Our major successes are many that have left our city cleaner, safer, and have saved you money. Our Summer Youth Programs have employed young people and we hope to find jobs for more youth this summer. We created city wide events, an active website, and recently cut the ribbon of our Outdoor Fitness Equipment at Mary Saunders Park. Additionally we have had much success with our Summer Camp (Camp Bravery), our Senior Program, our West Park Football and Cheerleading Program, and we established the Youth Advisory Council just, to name a few. Some of the latest changes are in the pages of this newspaper. Bus shelters will be installed soon throughout the city, and there are plans on the table for the State Road 7 (Federal Highway 441) corridor. Inside this issue you will see some of the activities that have taken place recently in the city. I am also proud to announce that the city has secured over the years approximately half a million dollars ($500,000) in grants and donations that have helped assist in some of the developments. We are very fortunate to live in a beautiful community made even lovelier by the abundance and diversity of our citizens. I can ensure you that continued progress and movement are just around the corner. We anticipate future development along 56th Avenue and the continuation of our traffic calming projects. Stay tuned for announcements on future economic projects that will ease any budget constraints. One of the goals of our monthly newspaper is to improve communication between us, and you, its citizens. It will be helpful to hear from you as we want to know if we are meeting your needs for information about your city undertakings, and its’ government. After all, if we are not providing what you want to know in the newspaper, you probably will not read it. I believe that many people have good ideas, but if we do not share them, how will we ever know. We want to do more than just recreate the wheel, but perhaps break some new ground with this newspaper. I believe that communication is important in city government. It is accomplished in many ways through verbal and written means, including our City’s web page. However, we hope our newspaper will provide another way for us to share information about services that directly affect you. Please feel free to call me at City Hall or leave a message and I will get back with you. This city belongs to all of us, and collectively we can thrive by bringing diverse ideas and ideologies together for a stronger and more vibrant West Park. Throughout my service, you have provided thoughtful ideas, solutions, feedback, and at times honest criticism. I thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts and caring enough about your city to ensure your voice is heard. The best way to maintain our wonderful way of life is to stay involved and informed.

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