Lien Search Procedure

A lien search can be an important decision-making tool for buyers and sellers of real estate. A lien search with the City of West Park will provide information on open building permits, permits that have expired before completion and other issues that may require further inquiry with the building department. A lien search will also inform the interested party of active code violations, assessments, fines or other liens that may have been placed on a specific property.

Violations, fines, liens and permits may exist on any type of property. In some cases the buyer must decide if the fines, liens, or actions required for a property to come into compliance are an added cost they wish to incur. Code violations, fines and liens are not removed when a property is sold, these actions are attached to the property and stay with the property regardless of the owner. For the relatively small fee of a lien search, a buyer and seller can make informed decisions.

In the City of West Park a lien search costs $35. To request a lien search, please follow these steps:

1 – Mail all requests to the Finance Department at 3921 SW 47th Ave, Suite 1008, Davie, FL 33314.

2 – Prepare a $35 check or money order payable to the City of West Park

3 – Mail the check along with a letter requesting a lien search with the following information – Property ID (folio number that can be found at, Property address and current owner’s name. If you have a special form that requires specific information, you can include it as well.

4 – Include in your letter how you wish to receive the information; by fax, email or regular mail (if regular mail, enclose a self addressed stamped envelope) or a combination of the above.

5 – We have a 3-5 business day turnaround on the responses, but very often we are able to respond the next day.

6 – You may fax a copy of your request to us at 954-903-0712, but we will not release our response until we receive the check in the mail.

Other liens may also be attached to a piece of real property and most of these liens are recorded in the Broward County records. Some lines, like a water bill, do not have to be recorded, and usually aren’t. Lien letters (or letters of estoppel) are usually sent to Homeowners’ Associations, Condominium Associations, the local municipality, the local government-owned water and sewer utility (Broward County Utilities serves properties within the City of West Park), and other local governments such as drainage districts. Because this can be a complex process for many, most people rely upon their attorney or closing agent to research property for liens.

For more information regarding lien searches you may contact the Finance Department at 954-903-0712.

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