Maintaining Your Sidewalks and Swales From Code Enforcement

There is so much going on in West Park and the City is progressing in leaps and bounds. Roadway expansion, drainage improvements, swale enhancements, traffic calming devices, and landscaping beautification are some of the upgrades in progress throughout the City. With all the new things happening in West Park, Code Enforcement staff is working hard to bring improvements in the appearance of our neighborhoods as well.

It is against City Code to block sidewalks and right-of-ways. Blocking sideways can create safety hazards in these ways:

• Students walking to and from bus stops have to walk in the roadways.
• Motorists cannot see around parked vehicles which creates an unseen hazard.
• Emergency vehicles and service personnel are blocked when responding to calls for service.

It is against City Code to store or park abandoned vehicles on swales? All residents have a duty to maintain the contiguous swale areas in front of their properties free of junk/stored vehicles. Abandoned vehicles on swales are a safety hazard for both homeowners and emergency service vehicles. Additionally:

• Abandoned vehicles attract rodents and snakes and other animals can hide in the cool, dark areas underneath and around stored vehicles. This can create a health and safety hazard for both you and your pets.

• Abandoned vehicles create eyesores and decrease property values in the entire area in general.

• Abandoned vehicles can provide concealment for criminal activities.

• In the event of an emergency call for service, abandoned vehicles in swale areas can block access and impede fire rescue and police personnel from fighting fires or removing a sick or injured person from a building.

• Abandoned vehicles can create additional hazards to firefighters and police because of stored fuel or other liquids that can ignite a fire.

This is YOUR CITY. Let’s all work together to keep it safe and secure. Everyone can help by removing damaged or abandoned vehicles from properties.

For more information about abandoned vehicles or for Code Enforcement assistance please contact City Hall at 954.989.2688.

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