Make Poison Control part of your Storm Safety Plan

As you prepare for this year’s hurricane season, there may be something important you’ve missed. Do you have the Poison Control Hotline programmed into your cell phone? Storms and other natural disasters frequently lead to injuries, including poisonings.

Storm-related poisonings can include carbon monoxide exposure (from generators used improperly), medication mistakes, child poisonings, snake or insect bites, or poisoning from spoiled food. People with vision difficulties, chronic conditions or complex medication regimens can be at particular risk of poisoning. People over 65 are also the demographic group in the U.S. who are least likely to know about the free services of poison control centers.

By taking a moment to program 1-800- 222-1222 into your cell phone, you’ll ensure you have immediate access to the doctors, nurses and pharmacists at South Florida’s poison control center at Jackson Memorial Hospital/University of Miami Medical Center. Even after a serious storm, if you have a working phone, you can reach a poison expert for free and confidential help, 24 hours, seven days a week.

Take a moment to program your phone, and visit the Florida Poison Information Center-Miami website at for more information.

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