Miami-Dade Fire Rescue saves puppies from fire

Lt. Karen Chambers treats one of the puppies administering oxygen with a pet
oxygen mask.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue saved three puppies from a townhouse fire that took place on Monday, July 9, in southwest Miami-Dade County.

Upon arrival, fire crews were advised that there was a litter of puppies still inside the house. Firefighters were successful in locating and rescuing the puppies from the burning home. Paramedics treated three puppies on scene by administering oxygen with a pet oxygen mask then transported them to a local animal hospital for additional treatment.

All MDFR transport units are equipped with a set of pet oxygen masks. The masks are used at fire scenes when pets are rescued and have suffered smoke inhalation. They are specially designed to fit over an animal’s snout and come in three different sizes to accommodate different types of domestic pets.

MDFR has been fortunate to have various community organizations donate the masks. Pet oxygen masks are not disposable and can be cleaned and reused.

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