New Businesses Meet City Requirements

City staff has reviewed a number of applications for new businesses in the Utopia industrial area. Certain types of businesses such as auto repair provide significant employment opportunities, but can sometimes lead to unsightly conditions that may detract from other businesses. The City’s zoning code requires that these types of businesses receive approval by the City Commission to protect the overall business environment through the special exception process. The special exception process allows the City Commission additional review of businesses that are considered basically suitable for the district in which they are listed, but the character and nature of the uses are such that they may necessitate additional requirements to fit into the community.

Through the special exception application process, City staff recommended conditions for approval to ensure continuing attractiveness for the business community. For example, conditions include preventing “visual clutter,” such as prohibiting banners, pennants, and vehicle signs.

Other conditions for approval include:

• All flags must be on a flagpole and landscaping must be installed on the property.

• Buildings to be painted according the Transit Oriented Corridor color palette to improve the overall look of the property.

• “Right Turn Only” sign placed at the exit of the property onto West Hallandale Beach Boulevard for safety issues.

• Maintenance of screening on rolling gates.

• No storage of vehicles outside fenced areas.

• Installation of “No Parking” signs along the swale.

• Auto repair work must be done completely within the building.

This special exception process and the conditions for approval allow City staff and the City Commission to maintain West Park’s high standards for quality businesses that affirm the values of “The City of Positive Progression.”

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