West Park News

Lien Search Procedure

A lien search can be an important decision-making tool for buyers and sellers of real estate. A lien search with the City of West Park will provide information on open building permits, permits that have expired before completion and other issues that may require further inquiry with the building department. …

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New Businesses Meet City Requirements

City staff has reviewed a number of applications for new businesses in the Utopia industrial area. Certain types of businesses such as auto repair provide significant employment opportunities, but can sometimes lead to unsightly conditions that may detract from other businesses. The City’s zoning code requires that these types of …

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Tips to avoid injuries at home

From the Fire Department The Broward Sheriff’s Office Department of Fire Rescue and Emergency services want to remind the residents of West Park that many injuries and deaths come from accidents within a person’s home. According to the National Safety Council, each year seven million Americans suffer disabling injuries and …

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Code Enforcement – Faqs

From the Code Enforcement Department Q: What are the common complaints that Code Enforcement Inspector Investigate? A: The most common complaints involve public nuisances such as overgrown grass/weeds on properties, unsightly bulk trash, building code violations, illegal signage, and business tax license and zoning violations. Q: How can I make …

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Be Thankful


Although we should remember the significance of all our holidays, I believe that Thanksgiving is the holiday which should be used for a time of quiet reflection. We would all do well to pause and remember those brave souls who risked their lives to travel to a new and uncharted …

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Thanks for Everything


Let me begin by saying that we are a small city but one with a very large heart. A heart and fervor that has been carried on through the athletic efforts of our young football players from the inception of our football program. The game of football is one we …

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