The City and the Health Foundation of South Florida Installed Fitness Zones at Mary Saunders Park & McTyre Park

The City continues to make great strides in ways to improve facilities and services for its residents. In our latest efforts and with the generous grant award from the Health Foundation of South Florida, we have added fitness zones to McTyre and Mary Saunders Parks. The project has also allowed for the addition of an ADA compliant water fountain and walking/exercise trail to Mary Saunders Park.

With more than $90 million grant making dollars provided in Miami- Dade, Broward, & Monroe Counties since its inception in 1993, The Health Foundation of South Florida worked with the City to help prevent disease and improve health by providing funding for fitness equipment at the City’s parks.

The project provides needed enhancements to both parks and is intended to increase the participation of children and adults alike. The project entailed the excavation of a trail that surrounds the playing fields within the perimeter boundaries of the park offering participants of all ages (children, adults, & seniors) the opportunity to enjoy the trail with full connectivity within the park itself. The fitness zones offer the strength and conditioning necessary to build strong bones and healthy joints for all those who utilize the equipment. The ADA compliant water fountain allows for the necessary accommodations to all park patrons to alleviate the risk of dehydration.

A City Commission ribbon-cutting event has been scheduled to take place at Mary Saunders Park (4750 SW 21 Street, West Park, FL 33023) on Saturday, March 23, 2013 beginning at 10:00am with all members of the community welcome to attend. During the event, certified trainers of FIT CAMP who will review the proper technique of how to use each piece of equipment.

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