Place Your Legal Notice With Miami’s Community Newspapers

Since the founding of our nation, public notices have been a vital way to keep the general public informed about what’s going on in local communities.

Miami’s Community Newspapers has always had an eye on serving locals first, and is a preferred publisher of legal notices for the city’s growing business and legal community.

With a reputation for providing superior customer service, Community News and its experienced public notice professionals have helped Miami businesses and law firms place their public notices for decades accurately and in compliance with all pertinent ordinances and statutes.

Placing a public notices advertisement is fast and easy, and the process is completed in just a few steps.

For entrepreneurs, start-ups or sole proprietors, a Notice of Fictitious Name (Doing Business As, “D/B/A”) of your new business entity can be completed by anyone, and announces your arrival as a business professional to the local community.

Another popular Community News legal notice is a Notice to Creditors, where lawyers reach creditors and debtors through our publication for estate adjudication. The notice is also filed for bankruptcy proceedings, before the first meeting of creditors who gather to make their claims against the defendant.

In addition, Community News also publishes a wide range of legal notices such as Notice of Action/ Constructive Service; Notice by Publication; Probate Notice; Miscellaneous Notices (All); Dissolution of Marriage; Notice of Public Sale/ Warehouse Sales and Vehicles Sales.

To get started with your personalized legal notice, please select the appropriate legal form on our legal forms page ( print it out, complete it and send it back to Once we have received the completed form we will contact you to confirm the print date and payment information.

Searching for a legal notice? Search Florida public notices and our own extensive database of legal notices with the click of a button.

Public notices in newspapers are mandated by many government entities. In fact, legal notice ads running in newspapers is actually a tradition dating back to the 1700s, serving as an ancient yet effective communication tool between the government and the public at large.

For more information or if you have any questions about placing a legal notice advertisement, contact Vivian at 305-284-7376.