Branding, Brand Marketing, and Brand Identity Design

Establishing Brand Equity in Your Community

The weight of your influence depends on your brand. Make your brand stellar! Our graphic designers, public relations department and newspaper are prepared to construct your brand image. Newspapers know how to frame a story. Stories are derived from every faculty in a person’s mind; therefore, we understand how to frame the image of a company. Work with people who understand you, and your audience. We are your audience.

Your Brand Image is the First Step

Your logo is the face of your company. Before you ever contact a potential customer, they see your logo. Creating a logo that reflects the value of your company is the first step to producing results. Advertising is nothing without first establishing your credibility through your logo.

Your brand has more weight than you think. The voice of your company is first heard through your brand. Your brand will be seen in ads, business cards, and brochures. After you establish your brand’s significance, you can begin exploring how far its influence goes. When you speak with customers, they will be more comfortable knowing that you are from a meaningful company. Your presence in your community’s sphere is represented by your brand. Exacting the purpose of your brand provides your audience with a concise representation of why your company does what it does. Your audience cares about your vision for them. Your brand is, ultimately, your best salesman. Your brand speaks, breathes, eats, and plays. People will take your brand and develop an affinity for it. This is brand loyalty.

Miami’s Community Newspapers attests to the importance of a brand. Our brand was established many years ago—before the internet. Our newspaper has become a staple in the reading culture of our communities. Our readers do not question whether we are a good newspaper because of our reputation. Establishing a promising brand as reputable, that is our goal. The first rule we will apply to your campaign is “Brand equity, above all else.”

Creating a Successful Brand

One of the most important principles of advertising is the association principle. This simple psychological conjuring is abused by all advertisers in all mediums of communication. When we see an Apple product we do not doubt its functionality. This subconscious association, unfortunately, holds true for negative images. Careful branding of a company will set you apart from your competitors. You want your brand to be recognizable. You want your brand to be associated with credibility.

Apart from being a newspaper, we are an advertising company focused on promoting your brand. Placing your brand at the forefront of your campaign will create lead generations in the long-run. The step in which many companies err is paying little attention to their brand. We will not let that happen to you.

More important than your competitors are your values. Where you succeed, your competitors will be subpar. Observing the influx of customers following your campaign will provide the foundation for your next campaign. On that fertile ground, we will target your core audience.