Brochure Design


The effectiveness of brochures is drastically underestimated. We look at brochures whenever we go on vacation: they appear on airplanes, buses, rest stations, and cruises. Brochure advertising is conveniently associated with vacations. This is a beneficial association because your product will gain from the jubilance of the vacation. Associations are very powerful. Brochures must then have very simple designs that complement the time of vacation. The colors must be bright, and the content must flow smoothly. Disturbing the calm atmosphere of a relaxed person because of a convoluted brochure will not help your company. Brochure design, like all other designs, must be specified to the occasion in which it will have a presence. Airplanes are daunting to our subconscious. We want to comfort the people in the plane. We do so by creating a design that will translate the comfort of your product into a brochure.

We specialize in creating brochures that fit your company’s image. Mirroring the enthusiasm of your company and placing it in a brochure is what we do. You have several options for printing the brochure. You can print it with a spot varnish, UV coating, emboss, or specialty papers. Brochures offer more than a clear display of products; they add depth to a company’s professionalism. Your company is secondary to your company’s presentation. Quality surfaces soon after appearances are appreciated. If your appearance does not match the value of your product, then there is a dire flaw that needs amending.


Creating brochures is one of many services that our graphic design team offers. We also create posters, catalogs, and presentations. Present us a list of the graphics you need, and our graphic design team will give you their feedback on what approach you should take. Our team wants to work with you to develop your company image in the direction you intended. We do not want our clients to feel dissatisfied with our work. Besides establishing your communication with your community, we want our relationship to be fluent and clear. Advertising is not a selfish service. Your advertising must derive its energy from an altruistic purpose to better the lives of your customers.

We do in-house printing of previews for our brochures. If you are not satisfied with the outcome, we will make edits where you see fit. Our graphic design artists, before production, will thoroughly gather information from you. This information will consist of your company’s product, culture, environment, and mission. Once all the information is assembled, we will prepare a draft of the design and email it to you. You will be updated on important design decisions via email, or through a phone call if that is your preference.


  • Tri-fold brochures – You’ve seen these in restaurants, airplanes, busses, rest stops, and most places where business is done. They are among the most prevalent brochure designs in the industry.
  • Bi-fold brochures – Less common than the tri-fold brochures, bi-fold brochures structure information in a concise and elegant design.
  • Gate-fold brochures – Maps are the most common gatefold brochures. Gate-fold brochures have an exploratory appeal that works well with tourism ad campaigns.
  • Flyers – To reach a mass audience in a city, flyers are the best solution.
  • Catalogs – Catalogs are popular among retail stores for listing specials and coupons.
  • Leaflets – Flyers and leaflets are commonly confused. The difference between a flyer and a leaflet is design. Leaflets are far more professional than flyers.
  • Inserts – These vary in size and are meant for newspaper advertising.
  • Pamphlets – Pamphlets are essentially mono-fold brochures. The information must be concise and preferably promoting an event.
  • Folders – Having a folder with your company’s logo and daily niceties on the folds will up your company’s image.


We have a history in South Florida. We are dedicated to serving local news to our communities. Our readers are teachers, businessmen, hard working people, and young adults. Over the years, we’ve seen the progression of Miami’s culture. From an advertising aesthetic perspective, Miami is becoming a minimalist city: advertising is now simple and elegant. Not every business owner adjusts well to the changing fashion of the millennium. We want you to communicate efficiently with your community. We want to simplify this transition into the simple and elegant. We have more experience with print than with any other medium.

Miami’s Community Newspapers create expansive advertising campaigns for its clients. Your budget is secondary to your goals. Schedule a consultation with one of our advertising specialists, and we will develop a plan for you without exceeding your budget.