Email Marketing Campaigns

Email Marketing Campaigns Tailored to Your Audience

Search through your emails and you’ll find that spam is everywhere! All computer users avoid spam like the plague. To commit you to a fate different from that of spam email, you must be in a newsletter.

The average internet user spends a few seconds on a website. Luckily this statistic does not apply to emails. Emails are more personable than the average website. They offer you an opportunity to sell your perspective. That is what sets you apart: perspective. Your product, reduced to its simplest purpose, is a perspective on how something should be. Understanding this concept will help you put your advertising budget in the right hands.

Nowadays, emails receive the most attention, second only to blogs. Newsletters are read weekly for a light dosage of news, and that’s where we will build your ad campaign. Marketing through email is not about affirming the importance of your product in a subject line. Marketing through email is about establishing yourself as reputable.

Promoting Your Company on our Mass Newsletter

Running a company is difficult whether it’s a mom-and-pop shop, retail store, online store, restaurant, plumbing business, or other commendable work. If you are not set up online with a website but want to communicate with your online audience, start with emails. Emails reach every person that will require your service. The average conversion rate of emails is steadily at 10%. The more emails you send, the more business you get.

Miami’s Community Newspapers offers a wide selection Newsletters for your advertisements:

Consistently appearing on our Newsletters will set you apart from competitors who directly email their audience–unknowingly ending in spam folders. Our Newsletter appears on the regular email feed commonly read by internet users. Amazon, along with other online stores, sends catalogs to their customers. We send local news that affects our readers. In our newsletters, we also include trusted companies for whom we advertise.

Smart Emailing Campaigns

Email providers such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, and AOL are not susceptible to trickery.

Emails created by a mass emailing program are easily scraped by the email providers. Emails are the door-to-door sales technique of today, and just like the aged technique, it is difficult to have someone open. Newsletters remove the barrier. They ease your entrance and make it natural. A direct email from a company with little brand equity does not warrant the attention of a reader, but a newsletter does. Building reputation in this manner is what will help you get to the next step. The next step is direct email advertising.

Automated campaigns are required in the next step. Now that you have an established credibility, you can move freely in your advertising. Your brand equity will finally have traction to begin creating its brand liquidity. Brand liquidity is the ability to create variegated products without seeming awkward. Companies such as Apple have a copious amount of brand liquidity. They are a computer company, yet we buy phones and other technology from them. Their brand liquidity allows for a variety of products on their shelves.

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