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Miami’s Community Newspapers hosts various community outreach events. Our events vary from barbecues to seminars. You can advertise at our events! Panel advertisements are simple to advertise at our events. If you want a banner ad placed at our event, our advertising specials will place you in an available spot.

Outdoor advertising is effective in creating good public relations. Indirect networking commits outdoor advertising to a level above indirect. Consumers that come to our events enjoy the day playing sports or learning about new technology. This is a good opportunity to associate good times with your business. Doctors, dentists, and lawyers alike come to our events and they are always looking for a place to spend their money.

Our graphic design artists will design your ad for a low additional charge. The current trend in graphics are minimalist designs. Concise messages accompanied by pamphlets attract consumers. Create a cohesive ad that will attract viewers and convert them to customers. Advertising at outdoor events facilitates your ability to develop a good impression on potential customers.

Outdoor advertising in South Florida creates increased demand for your product while establishing positive publicity. When companies gain attention because of scandals, they gain a temporary gain in sales. Over time, this gain turns into loss because people do not like feeling bad about their purchase. Whether the product is of great value does not matter when you have bad publicity.

Establishing a good reputation within your community reinforces the value of your product. The most valuable component of your business is your image. Your brand sells your product, the inverse is only true on rare occasions. The reason for your company existing will take prominence over your product. This is a science, not an art. But you must have the soul of an artist to evoke emotions from your customers. Your aspirations must gleam in the eyes of the beholders, or in the case, of the consumer.

Miami’s Community Newspapers Community Advertising

Distributing business cards is a hassle. Our advertising representatives that attend community events can distribute your business cards as a part of your outdoor advertising campaign. Our advertising representatives are the socialites of Miami. They go to every meeting held by the chamber of commerce, attend reunions, high-school plays. Their goal is to become an integral member of the community to better service those living in it.

The most knowledgeable community members are the people who can best sell a product among those living in the community. Our advertising representatives can persuade potential customers to try your product. The rest of your product, its look, brand, reputation, will finalize the conversion of potential customer to loyal customer. Your image is important. Our graphic designers will work with you to create an ideal logo and brand name. Creating demand starts with the brand. Articulate your brand to the best of your capacity.


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Relevance determines whether you will sell your product. Value indicates how relevant your product will be. To sell more you must increase the value of your product: whether it is a service or a stand-alone product. Visionaries do not stagnate after the first version of their product receives a release date. Visionaries think of the next step. What is your next step? Consider the demand for an untapped market. It does not exist because the product does not exist. Creating a product and analyzing s potential within visionary foresight is the best tool available for entrepreneurs.

Hearing the voice of your community will bring to you the demands of your community. Through the myriad voices, you will hear one resounding hum which you must translate into a product.