Magazine Advertising


At Miami’s Community Newspapers, we rely on our community for news, and our community relies on us for news. To assemble all the information, we receive from our communities, we have 11 newspapers servicing 11 areas. Along with our newspapers, we also have a magazine, Inspire Health. The Inspire Health magazine is a staple in everyone’s breakfast read. Inspire Health gives you tips for living a healthy life. Inspire Health promotes the growing trend of eating clean to live a long and healthy life.

Magazine ads are contextual for the most part, but the Inspire Health magazine is versatile due to its content. Health is a wide topic: its influence extends from home design to exercise. Associating your company with the Inspire Health magazine will make you privy to the wide audience previously unavailable to you. Advertising is about establishing connections. These connections can be direct or subconscious. A use of both concepts will bring about better results. The subconscious association to our Inspire Health magazine will boost the candor of your company in the mind of consumers. The direct association facilitates the transfer of the information for the subconscious.

Inspire Health is both in-print and online. Your advertisement will show in both mediums without an additional cost. Our magazine is frequently shared on Facebook and Twitter, so if your target audience is within a young demographic, you’ll find the business with us. Magazine advertising is a grassroots advertising technique for establishing a dedicated consumer relationship and exposure.

Your industry has a reputation the second your ad has exposure. Reaching your audience does not matter if you are not promoting yourself in the correct avenue with the appropriate design. You do wear flip flops to a business meeting. Our graphic designers make minimalist designs that befit the growing trend of simplicity. Overbearing ads have lost their edge and are no longer in demand.

Print advertising whether on newspapers or magazines is the first step in any advertising campaign. Social media advertising couples with print advertising to create a place of reference where readers can visit. Maintaining a website is also common practice among successful business owners. Our digital version of the Inspire Health magazine will provide valuable linking opportunities for your website.


Ocular movement studies indicate that the headline of an ad is more often seen than any other segment of it. Your headline sells your company. A concise headline will make your advertisement cleaner and clearer. Aesthetic psychology contains a voluminous amount of studies indicating the effectiveness of geometric designs. The Mona Lisa is a perfect example of this concept. We are attracted to the Mona Lisa because our field of vision is directed to her smile. Da Vinci achieves this with geometry. Advertising art is not comparable to a masterpiece such as the Mona Lisa, but the concepts of both art mediums are interchangeable. Image cues lead a viewer to the main segment of a picture. This concept is important in advertising. Usually, your advertisement is given seconds of attention. In those few seconds your value must get across the viewer’s decision-making process: “do I spend time looking at this ad, or do I flip the page?”

Gimmicky headlines fare well in the first second, but then taper off as the consumer’s awareness of your ad goes into their frontal cortex where decision-making processes occur. Headlines that are promising are those that contain statements of undeniable truth. These truths are not claims of healing a disease in a day or losing 10 pounds in two days, but truths that matter to the heart of an individual. Your target audience is not a computer that requires constant remembering of what it should do. People have souls that guide their decisions. Appealing to the heart is the only advertising avenue worth your time.

Do not second guess your intent, but do contemplate them. Your intent for advertising your product is to engage a consumer in a conversation worth having. Your product is a solution to a problem, and as such it will be treated if you present it without coercion.


Competition is a frequent concern among business owners. Stop thinking. Let’s reframe your mind. You have John and Jeff and they both sell used cars. John creates advertisements claiming that he is better than Jeff. John has the statistics to prove that he is more efficient than Jeff. Jeff creates advertisements promoting the message “We want you to own a  car. Why? Because we want you to succeed. People walk, people, run, but they’re not fast enough. Drive to success with Jeff Motors.” Although John presented statistics that proved that his business is better, Jeff will win more customers. Why? Because Jeff advertises his vision and not his product.

Being a visionary is important in advertising. Business owners have misaligned goals with advertising. Often, they want to give statistics but appeal to kids. Statistics are for adults, and selling products to kids requires an avenue seen by adults. Adults are the ones buying the toys. However, it would not be appropriate to present an advertisement for kids toys in the New Yorker. Home and design magazines, health magazines, and many other family oriented magazines should contain these advertisements. Parents can show the ads to the kids to get their opinion on the toy, without the fear of showing inappropriate images.

Details are important, but not in advertisements. The content on your website should have a plethora of well-organized information about your product. Apple’s advertising technique is simple: they give you an image of their latest product and the name of it. Once you acquire brand equity, you can have advertisements that are as simple and effective as Apple’s.

Technicalities such as fonts should have little time currency. Do not spend your time on these technicalities. A simple font is always the easiest to read. A recently disproved theory is the easy readability of black serif type. The font is an aesthetic property and should be treated accordingly in advertising. Magazine advertisements must be slim and comfortable to look at. A cluttered advertisement simply does not work in today’s standards. Print ads are often neglected because companies do not believe they will be seen, but that is an erroneous notion. Print ads are the most seen–second only to television.

Tempt a viewer with honesty. In the long-run, this is the best strategy for anything in life. If your product does not meet its intended purpose, then make it so that it does. Improve your product until it is prepared to be a guaranteed solution.

To conclude, think of advertisements as candies. You can undress a chocolate in a decorous packaging only to discover that the chocolate is tasteless. Your product must match the value the advertising gives it. That is how you build brand equity. Build your product to its best capacity and then advertise. The quality advertisement should lead to quality content. Advertising your product in our Inspire Health magazine will create a superb association for your company. Your local communities will have a good prefatory relationship with your business. That is the connection that matters.