Newspaper Advertising


Your local connection, we establish. Our newspapers service the Greater Miami area. South Floridians enjoy the captivating stories and local business reviews we write. Informing our community of what has quality and what does not is our pursuit as a newspaper. Our joy is seeing our readers engaged in their community. Our ideals revolve around the notion of community.

Newspaper advertisements are our primary service. We’ve advertised hundreds of reputable businesses to our communities. A business in need of a recuperative influence needs to closely observe the needs of their community. Advertising in newspapers is the first step in an advertising campaign because it creates a connection with the people with whom you will work.

Most advertising is done in newspapers. This is an advantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage you will have will be our knowledge of what sells. Not all advertisements attract attention. Advertisements that are clogged with discounts and irrelevant information do not attract viewers.

Successful advertising in newspapers requires a game plan. The game plan starts with graphic design. Simple designs now have the most weight. Tipping the balance requires your brand equity to exceed that of other brands in your industry. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. That is your next step.

Advertising must have a concise aesthetic. The function of an advertisement is to present a product, but we contend that it is to present a solution. A solution is a vision of a simpler life. Your product must be the panacea of people’s’ problems. To communicate this worth, we must be honest. Honesty beats all other advertising principles in the field.


Our newspapers are seen throughout Miami. The areas we service are highly populated. They are the centers of markets and business. Below is a list of the areas we service and a summary of its importance in Miami’s culture.


Home to the Aventura Mall, Aventura is a suburban city in the northeastern corner of Miami-Dade County. The city has a luxury shopping district frequented by tourists and locals.


The urban neighborhood of Greater Downtown Miami. Brickell features many hot spots for young entrepreneurs and tourists. The recent opening of the Brickell City Centre attracts many consumers to this thriving neighborhood.

Coral Gables

The city of Coral Gables is located southwest of Downtown Miami. The most popular destination in Coral Gables is Miracle Mile. Featuring dazzling shops, and exquisite restaurants, Miracle Mile rallies visitors with its elegant energy.

Cutler Bay

The town of Cutler Bay was established in 2005 and has a population of 43,428. The town has a quaint aura benefiting from a circulator bus uncommon in Miami.


Doral is a quiet municipality home to several malls such as the infamous Dolphin Mall and International Mall. Consumers gravitate to Doral because of its incandescent nightlife.


A suburban metropolis characterized by the never-ending flow of busy consumers, Kendall enjoys an arboreal setting blended with urban development.

Miami Beach

The famous city of Miami Beach is rich in diversity. The scintillating beach attracts tourists from around the world.

Palmetto Bay

Palmetto Bay, Pinecrest, and Cutler Bay join at Coral Reef Park for various events throughout the year. Palmetto Bay features a tight-knit community home to many opulent spenders.


Pinecrest is a young village–only 21 years old! The newly developed village is an affluent suburban area resting south of South Miami.

South Miami

A common meeting ground for young adults and tourists alike, South Miami is home to Sunset Place, an open-air mall with entertainment for all ages.

Printing in our newspaper is easy

With a few words from our advertising specialists, we can provide you with the necessary information to print your ad in our papers. If you want to begin an advertising campaign, our advertising specialists will gladly assist you on how to proceed with that venture. We are excited to establish your local connection. The connection of a business and a community is more valuable than a national presence of infamy. Being special is not about being loved widely, but deeply. Companies succeed because consumers love their product.

Print advertising bundles with several of our advertising campaigns. Our social media advertising is a good complement to print advertising because of its versatile usability. Our specials are not limited to print advertising. If you bundle your print advertising package with social media or graphic design, then you will receive a discount for the bundle.

The myth of advertising lies in its efficiency. Advertising that is not worth your time is advertising made of false claims. Although it is tempting to state that your product is the cure to a mystifying malady, it will not fare well with consumers when they feel swindled. Respect the consumer as you would respect your parents. Omitting superfluous information from advertising benefits your campaign and your image.

A campaign focuses on the good of your company whilst assisting you to sort the flaws. While we produce your product’s public image, you will notice that there are many things on which you can improve within your company. That is a secondary benefit of an advertising campaign. When you observe that you cannot present a message to your audience which would benefit your company, then you must react with optimism to improve your company. The day you can say with confidence that your product truly helps people, you can breathe easy because your company will succeed.

Confidence can be heard, felt, smelled, and seen. Your confidence is not privy to word-of-mouth communication. Your advertisements, social media posts, and all other mediums of communication expose your confidence. People rely on the information you provide to fulfill the expectations of the product.

Your consumers’ expectations are first delivered derived from print advertising. Establish a proper decorum for your product, a decorum that can be honestly communicated, and you will succeed. Our visionaries at Miami’s Community Newspapers will develop your advertising campaign to match the fervor of your vision.