Package Design

Product Packaging Design with Value by Miami’s Community Newspapers

All products require packaging. The packaging of the product is the first impression consumers get off its contents. Packaging that informs the consumer of the value of what’s inside is the most effective.

The main purpose of product packaging is to give a peek of what’s inside. To entice a potential buyer, the packaging must be flawless and easily comprehended. A simple design will indicate the eyes of a viewer to the most significant areas of the product’s packaging.

Miami’s Community Newspapers designs the brand’s imprint left on a consumer. Designing a product’s packaging is not as concrete as colors on a box. Product packaging is a construction of the consumer’s mind. A consumer has predispositions towards certain colors and statements. The millennial age prefers a minimalist design with an emblematic “organic” statement near the headline of the packaging.

Packaging Design in the Consumer’s Mind

To continue the conversation in the last paragraph, I will provide more details about the consumer mind. Product packaging design is created in the mind of the consumer. When the outline for the design is on paper, you can recognize the fundamental steps a designer underwent to put the outline in front of you. The designer tapped into how they would choose a product among a common industry. Package designs start in the consumer mind. When you see your product on the shelf, your first thought should be of intrigue.

The opening design that consumers will view is the most influential in their minds: They will encourage the consumer to pick up your product. The next step is all about the information on your packaging.

In all industries, content is king. That holds true in the product packaging business. What sells your product will not be the cover of the packaging, but the back of it. The back provides information that is pertinent to the value of your product.

An informed consumer is a potential customer. Traversing the threshold of mediocrity requires effort; therefore, the effort must manifest in content. Content derives from thoroughly researched, and tested products. The more research your product undergoes, the more quality content you will have to offer consumers. You will be well rewarded for information your product’s packaging will contain. A good image and a good reputation sell.

Packaging Design for Perishable Goods

Logos are important in food packaging. There are several logos that are required on your packing to sell a small quantity of your product. These logos are “organic,” “FDA approved,” and “USDA certified.” These logos carry the validation of important agencies. The organic label recently gained popularity. Moving towards cleaner eating, the millennial generation no longer buys products with excessive artificial components.

Consumers will no longer allow artificial agents in their food. Preservatives have a bad reputation among millennial consumers. The greener, the better. This trend explains the rise of the probiotic industry and a growing demand for Greek yogurt. Even manufacturing items cannot escape from safety-approval logos. Every industry is affected by the growing trend of credibility.

The only items exempt from this scrutiny are tablecloths. Even cutting boards require a BPA free logo. Designs for packages are now political in various respects. To stay within the legal bounds now imposed on industries, a simple design with appropriate information excels in working within the politics.

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