Podcast and Radio Commercials


Radio advertising is heading towards the same direction as newspapers advertising: they are effective and relevant. To have more exposure on the digital side of your market, we also offer advertising in podcasts. Although podcasts lean more toward servicing a wide group of people rather than a niche, it is effective if your product has shipping available.

Podcasts are the radio stations for the internet. Advertising in a podcast will raise your reputation. Although podcasts vary in genre, most have a national audience. If you can ship your product, you will greatly benefit from advertising on podcasts. Most radio shows are in concentric areas and you will benefit most from them if your business is strictly local.

We will have our creative team construct your radio or podcast commercial if you do not have one ready. We have a studio with professional microphones that will make any voice over artist sound crisp and clear. If you do not have a voice over artist available, we have several we can book for you. We will present your commercial to our creative team and then send the approved version to you for your approval. Your satisfaction with your commercial is the most important step in producing it.


Let’s speak about communication; perhaps the most overlooked skill in any industry. Communication is as important as your business. This is not a hyperbole or drastic exaggeration. Your sales representatives can attest to this fact. Communicating your product truthfully creates good publicity for you. Whether you communicate this through radio, the internet, newspapers, or television commercials, you must be honest when speaking about your product. Dishonesty or exaggerations are venoms. If you lie, you do so at the risk of your reputation as a company. Risking the work of your life for a lie is not worth it.

Miami’s Community Newspapers Advertising Services:

Accruing Value for Your Product

Value is often related to a number of sales a company makes. This is an erroneous notion. Value is the importance a product has in a consumer’s life. A mop has a lot of value because it cleans messes. The best mop has the best value because it can get the job done in a time-efficient manner. Your product must have value. It must be a solution to a problem that plagues us regularly.

Advertising is a simple science. There is no guessing about how advertising should be done. It is cut and dry: you have avenues for advertising and you post your ads there. What makes advertising an art is how you communicate to your audience. Advertising starts at the business and ends with the product. It is a top-down pursuit. The whole of your business must carry a value irreplaceable.