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Michael Miller, Publisher
Executive Editor Michael Miller
Executive Editor Michael Miller

According to the city’s website, so far three candidates have registered and opened up campaign accounts to run for the upcoming South Miami election scheduled for the second Tuesday in February. Yes, folks only 5 months away. The candidates are current Mayor Phil Stoddard along with relatively new residents, Realtor Gary Robinson and Financial consultant, Marc Lago. No doubt developers have a lot at stake and are more than willing to contribute huge sums to the campaigns of those who are willing to increase densities in the City of Pleasant Living.   

In addition, the pending sale of the City Hall property in order to build a high rise is at stake providing that the “right” candidates win. So far only Commissioners Walter Harris and Gabriel Edmond have opposition. Gary Robinson has filed to run for the Group 1 seat of Commissioner Gabriel Edmund and Marc Lago has filed for the Group 4 seat of Commissioner Walter Harris. Commissioners Harris and Edmond are the only two who have not gone along with Mayor Stoddard’s agenda of higher densities opting instead to reduce the city’s carbon footprint by not voting in favor of projects which require more concrete and greater demands for electricity. Could it be that the huge sums of money which in the past have poured into Mayor Stoddard’s campaign along with an out of town developer funded Political Action Committee have scared off any would be candidates?

On another recent development, former Mayor Horace Feliu who nine years ago, went on the record for proposing the burying of FPL lines along US-1 has witnessed yet another justification on his position. The city of Miami joined Coral Gables in voting unanimously to end all litigation against F.P.L. with the condition that F.P.L. bury the lines for an agreed reduced price along their portion of US-1. Asked what his thoughts were on the recent resolution by the City of Miami, Feliu stated; “Anyone can come up with a politically motivated gimmick and waste taxpayer dollars on litigation. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that higher densities in Miami, Coral Gables and now South Miami are creating a greater demand for electricity. Many Megawatts of power will be required which will far exceed what is currently available.”

If you haven’t already noticed by now, school is indeed back in session. This also means that school zones are now active again. School zones are more than just flashing yellow lights during the morning and in the afternoons. It provides a safe environment for students, faculty, and parents going and coming from the school. School zones are generally just a block or two of going 15 miles per hour. By obeying the rules of a school zone, you can save a life, and also save some money. According to the DMV’s website, if you get caught speeding more than 30 mph over the speed limit in a school zone, the fine is $555.50. All speeding fines are doubled in a school zone.

After taking a short hot break over the summer, our neighbors up the way at The Barnacle Historic State Park are ready to start jammin’ again. The Moonlight Concert Series kicks off its 2017-18 season of great entertainment beside the Bay, Sept. 9, 7-9 p.m. It seems that this amazing state park in the heart of Coconut Grove is the area’s best kept secret, but they’re working at changing all that – with super low admission rates of: $10 for adults, $8 for members, $3 for kids ages 6 to 9, and little ones under 6 free.

So go spread out a picnic blanket or relax in your favorite lawn chair on the scenic grounds of the Barnacle house and enjoy the sounds of “Pitbull of Blues Band.” They’re a Florida-based, award- winning band that’s known for an energetic mix of traditional and original blues. No pets and parking is available on the street or in one of the Grove’s many lots. Enjoy a different show every month on the second Saturday, September through May. The main entrance opens at 6 p.m. at 3485 Main Highway. For information, call 305-442-6866 or visit

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  1. I bet Micheal will be happy if the Real Estate and Financial men get elected. Maybe then (I imagine he thinks), he’ll get the zoning waivers along 62nd Avenue so a tall building can be built and he can (finally) get a huge profit from the vacant lots he owns.


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