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The City Planning Board recently had the opportunity to hear and see the presentation for the what has been called the Winn-Dixie project. The presentation was made by Team Jeff Bass and they did a great job, bringing forth the new really marvelous building with lots of residential units and I think they said a grocery store on the bottom floor and a terrific design and its very very cool and will surely make a massive improvement for the city of pleasant Living. And although the Planning Board did not approve every one of the items that were presented, it’s first and second(final) a presentation to the commission will be in June.

And then the real deal just might happen in September, when the redevelopment of the city hall property will be presented to the full commission. That one is gonna be the one that just gets under the skin of the old time folks( and a few newbie) that just want to hold onto yesteryear. This proposed project is going to beautiful made up of mostly residential units PLUS of course a brand new city hall and and and a brand new e police station will be built just east of the South Miami Post Office which is on SW 59 Place. And the new home for the cops will make a HUGE , did I say HUGE difference to the people that work, and live nearby, PLUS all the folks that come into the area, will finally feel way way better and a whole lot safer.

So, I hope when the time is right, that this commission, do the right thing and get the redevelopment of the city hall property and the construction of a new police station started way sooner than later.

I hear that South Miami Pharmacy just might be moving to much larger quarters, unfortunately it will be outside of the city, way outside, perhaps even to Doral. SMP, as it is now called has had massive growth for a number of years and they really need a lot more space. My hats off to Team SMP for making a difference.

Couldn’t figure out why there was a line of people a mean a long line of folks lined up around the relativity new building at approximatey 61 Ave and US1.( It’s right next to 73 St) So being a bit curious , I took a right turn on 73 St and then he next right turn and then I saw the line of people that stretched from the sidewalk on US1 along side the building to essentially the street on the other side. And guess why they were there,? Hmm, there were buying donuts and more from Salty Donuts which recently opened. This place is rocking and rolling and the skinny folks over at Community Newspapers will be stopping by real soon and I hope that the folks in South Miami and beyond go bye and meet some of your neighbors and get some really cool donuts and coffee.

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  1. Anyone the pays 7.00 for a donut is crazy. A fad that will not last, but dunkin donuts has, at a buck a donut, as what it should be. Another fad comes to South Miami, and will leave within the year like most restaurants.


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