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Michael Miller, Executive Editor

It’s been a hot summer in South Miami, in more ways than one. Granted, the temperature continues to rise and so is local business. New stores and restaurants are opening their doors in our quaint town of South Miami and I have found a new local gem. American Harvest Co provides wholesome comfort food in the heart of South Miami, but the kind of comfort food that doesn’t make me feel bloated and wanting to take a nap. The place is extremely clean and the staff oh so friendly. It perfectly fits into South Miami and I would strongly recommend it to anyone who asks for a consistent lunch spot. Two thumbs up indeed, yes sir. American Harvest Co is located at 5958 S Dixie Hwy, South Miami, FL 33143. Feel free to visit for more information and to take a look at the menu. Let them know that I sent you!

One might ask: What kind of city administration and elected officials would approve not only the building of a house on an undersized, substandard lot size, but even more worrisome, detrimentally close to high tension super sized power lines?  The homely designed house on 62rd terrace and 62nd avenue is the latest “attempt” by the City of South Miami and its CRA (Community Redevelopment Agency) to provide “affordable housing”.

Lots of finger pointing has been the norm over the past several years and certainly this case is no exception.  After all, it’s not like one would need to look at a survey in order to notice the massive power lines prior to construction. Mind you, this was after they allowed an out of character shoe box style house on 63rd terrace and 62nd avenue a second story in order to make sure that the inhabitants would receive the full effects of the magnetic fields while they sleep. 

This property built on the corner of SW 62nd Avenue and 62nd Terrace is going to be demolished as it was built directly underneath the powerlines.

The fact that the city has recently witnessed the super sizing of power lines along 62nd avenue has only exasperated the problem and should concern all residents who reside near the high tension power lines.  Sadly, Commissioner Liebman was the only one to speak out at a recent commission meeting, outraged that it was yet another fiasco and waste of taxpayer dollars added to the onslaught of lawsuits and never ending attorney fees. In addition, based on discussions by the elected financial geniuses, it looks like taxpayers will be left to pay for their mistake to the tune of $300,000 in order to provide the family that was in line to receive the house, a new one somewhere else. And talking about affordable housing…

Whatever happened to the Department of Justice’s investigation into the city of South Miami’s alleged affordable housing violations? Word on the street is that it is still an ongoing investigation. Yes, these are things that make you say…..hmmmm.

Maybe we’re too busy with family and work and traffic and deadlines, or it’s just a matter of laziness and denial – or a smattering of all of the above.

I got to thinking this week that although we’re well into the 2018 hurricane season, I haven’t really been thinkin’ much that we’re well into the hurricane season.

Until I had a flashback to Hurricane Irma. I got a hot shot of reality, suddenly realizing I should probably check some items off my hurricane-prep list.

Last Wednesday, while I on my way to grab a java at Starbucks off Dixie at 67th, I thought, no, let me pop into Pinecrest Bakery instead, right next to Canton Chinese Restaurant. That’s when it popped into my head that I hadn’t been to that end of the plaza since those dreary post-Irma days.

It was just a day or two after the storm, and the bakery was one of only a few spots  around town was actually open and able to serve food and drink – albeit from a way limited menu. But for those of us weary and wind-whipped customers all standing in a long line, we didn’t care. We just needed a little sustenance on the go.

There’s a camaraderie that forms in the wake of a storm, when you start talking to anyone on the street, or in this case in line waiting for a hot cup of coffee. By reflex or design, we all started jabbering about how long our power’s been out, or the absolute mess in our yards, and how nobody really knows the pain of “humidity” until they’re living without a/c…

We were all in the same boat, picking up the pieces after the storm, looking for gas, water – and cell phone service!

I remember I had a couple giant trees fall in that storm, one right over my fence into the neighbor’s yard. What a pain that was. Which got me thinking, we’re in the middle of a new hurricane season, dummy? Maybe I should go pick up some jugs of water this weekend, start clearing some of these overgrown trees and brush, or take a closer look at that fence that’s been leaning over – waiting to fly!

Or maybe not. Maybe I’ll just succumb human condition and wait until the very last minute like the rest us.

See you in line!

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Michael Miller
Michael co-owns Community Newspapers with his brother Grant and serves as Executive Editor of the group of newspapers. He enjoys writing about local politics and area businesses. Michael can be reached at

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  1. Sharon McCain | July 5, 2018 at 7:32 pm | Reply

    So you ask, how did this happen? I ask, whose hands are dirty on the dais and other parts of city hall? Another 300,000 down the shoot at taxpayers expense. I agree, these knuckleheads are not financial wizards though they claim to be. It is sad to watch them on TV and pat themselves on the back yet the majority of the electorate are not informed about these type of mishandling. Point the finger at the city manager, Steve Alexander, Mayor Stoddard, COmmissioners Welsh, Liebman, and Harris, the planning director, the building department, ERPB board to name a few. Perhaps they should all chip in part of their salary to rectify this mistake and not beat down the taxpayers again for poor management

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