Believe it or Not!

It seems as though our fair mayor, Phil Stoddard has finally had enough and through his attorney, sent letters to, (from what I have been told) John Edward Smith, Kenneth Harms, Brad Cassel, Commissioner Valerie Newman and everyone’s favorite… Sharon McCain.

I’ve been told that the letters essentially said, stop saying bad stuff about the mayor or else. And the letter also asks for the name of their insurance company. Golly folks, what the hell does that mean? So, much craziness in the City of Pleasant Living.

At a recent commission meeting Vice Mayor Josh Leibman brought up the idea of moving the election to November instead of in February, where it has been for many many years. Josh’s position is that more people would come out to vote in November, when of course, there are more items onthe ballot. The dais was silent except for one blurb, made by one of the elected clowns, which was essentially, that the people that only come out in November don’t really care about South Miami.

And that helps me reflect on the people that do come out and vote: It’s THOSE voters that put those clowns into office. Maybe if some new November voters came out, that some reasonable people would wind up in office.

Ok, enough ink spent on the elected officials. Gee, I just can’t stay away from those lively folks at city hall that we currently call our elected officials. So, here’s a little more:

At the state of the city address last month, the mayor erroneously stated that Winn Dixie on SW 73 St, signed a 10-year lease. Sorry or maybe hurray, there is no 10-year deal. My sources though, won’t tell me if there is any deal for Winn Dixie to stay after their lease is up in the very near future.

Does anyone know how long marijuana stays in one’s urine, or blood or in hair follicles? Maybe there is still time to …ah ah take a test to determine if they (whoever that might be) have been partaking in the solemn sacrament of smoking a big blunt (large joint, for those initiated.)

And speaking of South Miami: Would someone submit a public records request and see what public documents may have been written and placed into files, before they left their employment.

Had lunch over at Joanne’s Market on SW 67 Ave, just south of US1. It’s fresh, fresh fresh and this full service boutique-elegant- grocery has got it all and you ought to get over there and enjoy yourself.

I was recently there and had a beautiful salad, custom made with romaine lettuce and my favorite goodies: chicken chunks, raisons, cucumbers, carrots, tomato, purple onions, green peppers, mushrooms and lots more and then some of course some vinaigrette dressing.

BTW, they also have lots of sandwiches perfect for lunch too.

May this New Year and each of the days in it bring you joy and happiness for you and your family.

And may you also find a way to ‘Make a Difference.’

Thought for the Day:

Make no little plans; they have no magic to stir men’s blood.

— Daniel Burnham

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