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Sharon McCain attempts to follow Beth Schwartz out of the building but is stopped by SMPD.

In all of my years covering South Miami, and they are too many to mention, I have seen more than I care to remember of slimy politicos abusing the system, residents and businesses disenfranchised, and otherwise random chaos and injustice. But never have I witnessed the gross display of defamatory behavior thrown up at the last city commission meeting. In fact I actually had to turn off the TV in disgust.

For those with a strong constitution you can view the September 18 meeting online through the City of South Miami website. I am not going to give you a play by play this time, sorry friends, but I will say that it all went to pot around 10pm.

I would also like to commend Mayor Philip Stoddard’s wife Gray Read for courageously standing up from the back of the auditorium and yelling out to the dais at large that this was no forum to discuss such nonsense. While Commissioner Newman brutally attacked the Mayor way below the belt, the rest of the commissioners sat in complete silence. At least Ms. Read spoke truth to power.

*&^%! THIS

And if that is not enough to turn your stomach inside out, consider the wife of Commissioner Walter Harris, a short, gray haired, older woman dropping the F bomb at the dais. She claimed it was her “freedom of speech” to use whatever expletive she wanted. Apparently she has never heard of yelling fire in a crowded theatre as a benchmark to know when to shut up and when to speak up. Spouting profanities on live television to try to make a point (while offending those you hope to convince) is beyond pathetic for the wife of a sitting commissioner to behave. She then had the audacity to have one of her cohorts continue reading the (by this time) rather boring diatribe of whatever it was she was trying to sell. When you have to rely on trying to sound “cool” by using four letter words to express yourself, maybe your “contribution” isn’t worth vocalizing at all. Reminds me of a quote from one of the greatest communicators in history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt said: “Be sincere. Be brief. Be seated.”


Before all hell broke loose at the last city commission meeting and the line “you better get a lawyer” or something to that effect was spoken, Sharon McCain and Beth Schwartz led the demise of all civility with a screaming match in the lobby. At least three officers surrounded the two to prevent a fight from breaking out between the two “ladies” who seemed to be acting out a scene from the movie Mean Girls. Maybe if we pack up all of the residents and politicians of South Miami to go on a week-long retreat together and rediscover themselves, peace might prevail in the City of Pleasant Living. I can’t think of any other ways to bring a reality check and positive injection into life at city hall. If you have any creative solutions please email me and we will post the top ten along with a special dinner for two prize to the most original and practical possibility. No smoking of the peace pipe suggestions please. Send emails to: michael@communitynewspapers.com and in the subject line please write: “let peace prevail.” OUT AND ABOUT

Ran into Raul Masvidal at Casa Larios the other day, and at a nearby table was Levi Meyer who just joined Fortune Real Estate (Congratulations!). Levi was with his personal trainer Angelo Bosques. Angelo works around the corner at Fitness Together and from what I hear he really delivers the intensity to willing clients ready for a true work out.

And at a nearby table some of South Miami’s finest boys in blue (or black) were enjoying a cortadito with pastelitos. Speaking of city law enforcement, the lovely meter readers gave out a total of 2,265 citations from September 4 to September 17 according to the city manager’s last report. Total revenue brought in: $43,589. Put that in your pipe and smoke it all you lucky supporters of South Miami!

And let’s see who else was about town…oh, the Baptist Health Honcho Wayne Brackin was with a colleague from Homestead at Deli Lane recently. Too bad I wasn’t sitting closer maybe I could’ve heard the latest low down on what’s happening in medical land…


And I want you all to know that we did a bit of research and found out Baptist Health has purchased a couple of large parcels of property on the north side of Sunset Drive. Yup folks, they made it across the street (finally) and the two pieces are…drum roll please…at 7150 SW 62 Ave…and…the South Miami Pharmacy parcel on Sunset Drive and SW 63 Ave.

I’ll just betcha the hospital will build medical offices smack dab right there. Hooray! BTW now former commissioner Brian Beasley no longer has to worry about the hospital buying up all the property in the neighborhood cuz they just made a gigantic step in that direction. And you know those buildings will generate bookoo taxes for the city folks…


The holiday season is upon us once again and I urge you to first consider shopping in our fair city. It is so simple. Take a walk up and down Sunset Drive and SW 73 St and 57 Ave and do some window shopping and when you are ready, step into one of those great stores that are always ready to take care of us.

If you are wondering where to shop, get your art on for SoMi ArtWa l k and while y o u b r o w s e downtown and enjoy live music and art from nearby schools and area professionals, you can line up the ideal stores for your one of a kind purchases. Go to shopsouthmiami.com or use your smart phone and pass your QR reader over this QR code: Remember holiday shopping starts at home so visit your neighbor SoMi merchants first and let’s keep investing locally. Thought for the Day:

The greatest problem in communication is the illusion that it has been accomplished.

— George Bernard Shaw

Raquel Garcia contributed to this column .

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