It’s time again

It’s time again as the New Year is quickly approaching, I wonder why so many of us wait for the calendar to tell us when to make new goals, new wishes, new hopes and to thank our friends and family and to make New Year’s resolutions.

That’s a curious thing and real ritual. And not that I’m a procrastinator, but, but….

Was just wondering what some other folks might put on their New Year’s resolution list, so I found the following results from one of many recent polls:
1. Spend more time with family and friends
2. Be more physically fit
3. Lose weight
4. Quit smoking
5. Enjoy life more
6. Quit drinking
7. Get out of debt
8. Learn something new
9. Help others
10. Get organized

It’s time again

Tom Byrne outside Casa Larios taking a break and enjoys the news from the South Miami News.

Ok I’ll get on to making my own list, but right now it seems that I’m just too busy, with shopping, the family, parties and business, so I just need a few more days to figure out what I want in 2015. But if I run out of time, I’ll just go with the top 10.

On a serious note: As I contemplate the new year, I look back and there have been a couple of stand-out moments in 2014 and here are two of the most recent ones: Our two children both earned their graduate degrees: one from FIU in Public Administration and the other, an MBA from Washington University. Our daughter and her husband gave birth to a beautiful baby boy, Benjamin, who is now 7 months old and he has our attention.

Our son now works for one of the giants in the electronics field and is feeling pretty good about where he is and where he is going. Life is good and my wife and I are feeling quite fulfilled, as we continue on our journey.

Earlier this year, Dan Palmer, a dear friend and colleague died. When my brother, Grant and I started working with Dan in 1982, He was at least 60 years old and we just assumed he would retire within a few years. But we were so wrong! His best years were ahead of him, as he provided us with leadership, support and mentorship for 30 more years. Dan wrote his column, Wonderings and Ponderings, which was about life and people he knew.

It’s time again

Dan Palmer

Dan was a father to me and listened with open arms and an open heart. He had a way to help heal a hurt soul and we all miss him and his wonderful ways.

Developers are taking on the city. They are on a shopping spree to buy vacant land, old homes and commercial buildings to tear down and rebuild. I hear that the Shops of Sunset are on the block, as well as the old city-owned inspection station and city hall.

Oops did I say that?

And what’s that I hear about Winn Dixie?

And of course, there is the continual real estate acquisition of the largest property owner in the city.

And let’s see… what else? I hear that there is 100,000-sq-ft plus lot that just may be under contract soon. Based upon the offers on the table for the land on SW 62 Ave, who knows what just might happen. (And for the purpose of disclosure, we own land on 62 Ave.)

And everyone in the know says that the family of La Carreta has purchased Casa Larios and will be taking over on January 1.

Speaking of Larios, couldn’t help but run into the real estate guy, Tom Byrne, enjoying himself and proudly showing me a copy of the South Miami News. And another real estate guy, Dale Mobley, was there enjoying breakfast with some friends.

It’s time again

Josh Leibman

But wait, there’s more, as I looked around the room, I spotted the one and only Josh Leibman, a city commissioner and tucked away having breakfast was Raul Masvidal.

Wait! There’s more. Dr. Jorge Blanco, the dentist was there with some buds. John Sorgie, a good friend of South Miami, has called it a day and sold his business, Sunset Quick Print on Ponce de Leon Blvd. Prior to that, his print shop was located on Sunset Drive and many many years ago it was on Commerce Lane.

John, who has served in many civic organizations, including as the president of the South Miami Rotary and the Red Sunset Merchants, said it was just time to move on.

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