Leading By Example

By Michael Miller….

George Alvarez, Franny Alvarez, and Nicole Valera at the Taste of the Town rooftop party

Chief of Police Martinez de Castro was enjoying some well-earned pats on the back the other day at Casa Lario’s for catching a perpetrator fleeing the scene of a crime. The Chief heard of a burglary in progress on the dispatch channel in the immediate area where he was driving off of Sunset and 67 Avenue. He went after the criminal himself after calling for back up and succeeded in bringing in another (armed) bad guy to the big house. Says the Chief, “no matter the rank, all police officers are expected to perform their duties to serve and protect the public.” Go Chief!

Talk of the Town
Another great reason to paint the town red. George Alvarez and Allison Diego are joining forces once again to host another classic rooftop party above the municipal parking garage on 73 Street. SoMi’s best restaurants and retail establishments will be offering fine food and a fashion show from area boutiques at the second rooftop party with live music to boot. All proceeds benefit the Million Trees Miami initiative of The Parks Foundation of Miami-Dade County. So grab your better half and plan to be a part of the talk of the town Saturday night November 19. Contact George at 786-457-6214 for more details.

 Loud and Clear
The non-stop entertainment continues at the regular city commission meetings where if you have something to say, hey just bellow it out from your seat to the folks up there on the dias and they will respond. The podium is apparently optional these days and the idea of Roberts Rules of Order…well never mind. And Commissioner Harris apparently thinks it’s a novel idea to shut down Sunset Drive along the Shops of Sunset side and make it all into an indoor mall. Perhaps he is considering some hydroponic gardening possibilities…

The Truth Hurts
It seems our illustrious vice mayor has some kind of allergic reaction to the South Miami News. When one of our delivery guys was attempting to drop off the local news at the retail store where she works, she let him know in no uncertain terms that she did not want the paper in the store. Newman went on to express some unladylike disparaging remarks about our fine publication and wanted to make sure he delivered the message to me personally. Ok, heard and understood. By the way Ms. Vice Mayor, I was wondering what Commissioner Brian Beasley said about you in the recent deposition that he gave regarding the firing of former city manager W. Agibola Balogun. Hmmn, could it possibly have something to do with unsanctioned conversations among our esteemed leaders? Now that is the kind of commentary we want to hear so we can publish it in your beloved local paper.

Seen and Heard in South Miami
Ran into mayoral candidate Julio Robaina the other day at Sunset Tavern and Deli Lane. Former State Representative and mayor of South Miami for a bunch of years, Julio was charismatically cool and effervescent as ever as he looks forward to the February campaign.

I hear that another Hole in the Wall style bar and grill will be setting up soon in South Miami. I cannot tell you exactly where yet but I am told the owners believe it will be as successful as their present operation on US1 and 144 St. BTW my brother Grant is a committed devotee of the Hole in One where the chicken wings and beverage hold him over until dinner time.

 Back on the Farm
The Farmer’s Market looks like it is here to stay as the city commission voted unanimously to extend their contract in the last regular meeting. Vice Mayor Newman was the only voice of contention stating she is not sure that Earth Learning is the best vendor. She suggested a new request for proposal process due to her perception of inconsistencies in their budget. “This is a business and I am really disappointed in the presence of the community because most South Miami residents are not involved.” The seven or more citizens that spoke in favor of the market that evening begged to differ. Some of the comments were: “This is a real feather in South Miami’s cap, a real benefit to the community.” “I love the used book giveaways, seedling sharing and plant trade.” “We bike over there and it promotes a very local kind of feeling in our city.” “It would be a barren and sterile place without it.” After speaking before the commission, Earth Learning’s Mario Yanez said simply “We are a self-funding operation and we cover all of our costs. The community has spoken. They like the market and want it to stay.”

Godspeed Andy
You either loved him or you hated him but he spoke the truth and he spoke it bluntly. Andy Rooney never saw himself as a television personality although that is what he became famous for: his segments on the idiosyncrasies of life that ran on CBS’s “60 Minutes” from 1978 to 2011. He called himself “a writer who read what he wrote.” The four time Emmy Award winner passed away recently at age 92 after completing his 1097th broadcast. He made his living as a writer for 70 years and he said that writers really never retire because they never stop writing. His poignant clarity about the absurdities of modern life mixed in with profound truisms was a match made in heaven. Surely he must be up there now with a new pen and scroll. Thanks for the memories Andy, you will be missed.

“Do I have opinions that might piss people off? Yes-that’s what I’m here for.”
– Andy Rooney

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