Lukewarm Reaction to Stadium Project

Michael Miller

Amidst all the post-election news, recalls and what-have-you, here come the Miami Dolphins to Kendall, hoping to warm up folks for redevelopment of the Sun Life (Joe Robbie) Stadium.

Somewhat surprisingly, a crowd of 50 gathered to hear the MDX side of the story on Shula and Snapper Creek tolls on November 8 had little to criticize about the team’s ownership pushing in the community for support of the project to extend the rooftop to meet future SuperBowl standards.

There were few questions raised about the future of Sun Life Stadium which the Dolphins want to rebuild, even though it will partially involve some type of public funding, according to current planning.

Owner Steve Ross is already committed to build a new Waterpark at adjoining grounds to create additional use and try to popularize the notion that great economic benefits will result eventually, including a chance to host the World Cup soccer matches when Miami gets a chance to bid for the sport once again.

We wish the Dolphins all the luck they can muster in a still-down economic cycle for such grandiose planning, including the latest redevelopment to eliminate private clubhouse suites to build a night club for its beautiful peopleowners to enjoy.

Meanwhile, it was fun to see West Kendall’s Martha Backer win two seats to a future Dolphin game so that she can puzzle over which of her three sons can accompany her to the freebie!

If you’re a long-distance two-wheeler, the Dolphins’ “Cycling Challenge” tackling cancer “one mile at a time” over a 170-mile course in Broward and Palm Beach Counties hopes to attract stoutlimbed bikers Saturday and Sunday, November 20-21. You’ll even have a chance to ride with Zach Thomas, alltime linebacker for the Fish. Proceeds benefit the University of Miami Sylvester Cancer Center with routes mapped out for all ages and skill levels. For details, go to or tel. 305-943- 6799.

New member Michael Rosenberg of KFHA pushing hard to get folks to join the organization which acts as an umbrella sounding-board for most of West Kendall, providing a sort of Town Hall for discussion of neighborhood issues – a job it’s been doing for over 30 years, mostly under the stewardship of its two officers, President Miles Moss and Exec VP Lawrence Percival. Rosenberg appeared at the KFHA’s last meeting, boosting its nominal $10 annual membership fee while urging folks to get involved with local affairs. For details, visit

Worthwhile cause: sponsors being sought for a private screening of “Harry Potter Deathly Hollows, Part 1” Saturday and Sunday, November 20- 21 at the new Paragon 13 Theater in Coconut Grove. Tickets can sponsor a child’s attendance (including a small popcorn) at $25 each. All proceeds benefit the Children’s Bereavement Center that provides education, resources and support groups. For details, call 306-668-4902.


Lots of things going on in the month of November that command our attention to a greater or lesser degree and cause us to pause and think (or certainly they should) about what’s important to us all. The elections are past or wrapping up, and whatever you may think about the various campaigns or those running, the important thing to remember is simply that we have free elections in America. Virtually anyone of voting age can vote, even though some sadly neglect making use of that privilege, and virtually anyone can run for office if they’ve a mind to and are willing to put in the effort. We take it for granted, but not everyone in the world is as lucky. Veterans’ Day was last week, and we sometimes take our veterans and those men and women still in uniform to keep us safe for granted, too, though we clearly shouldn’t.

Thanksgiving is this month as well, right around the corner, and if there was ever an occasion to remember and be grateful for all the many things and reasons we have to be thankful in our day to day lives, that is it. So while many folks make their New Years resolutions in January, it just seems as if November is a better month to reflect, assess and reaffirm the important stuff and how we approach the year ahead.

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