Signs are a Statement!

Signs are a Statement!

Beautifying a city corner

Couldn’t help but express delight in the attractive street signage that popped up on tall black posts throughout the business district in our fair city. It’s a significant and statement-making improvement with legible street numbers and the city logo, right up there for all to view. The way I see it, South Miami is saying “We care about our cityscape.” So congrats to residents for footing the bill and to the city leaders for making it happen.

Longtime activist Richard Ward is out and about nowadays, feeling pretty good and seemingly taking a much renewed interest in the upcoming election. Although not til’ February, campaigning is taking shape — in ‘buzz’ if not billboards. Josh Liebman, our “100 Marathon Commish,” loves serving the public and wants to make sure he’ll stay in office, so he has already hit the road, pressing the flesh once again.

Josh, who isn’t shy about expressing his opinion, has done pretty well for the public and most politicos think his reelection is assured, even if the very-much-rumoredto- be-running Antoinette Fischer decides to take a shot at a seat — a very long shot, as it would appear now.

People keep telling me that South Miami Hospital wants to go into the trauma business, but my best sources say the institution wants to keep its distance from such responsibilities. With their hands full, so to speak, its execs are just as happy to leave trauma care to other area providers, including Kendall Regional Medical Center and Jackson Memorial Hospital.

In the last two months, the state approved Aventura Hospital to add trauma care and rejected Jackson South (at S.W. 152 St) as a new trauma center. Jackson has appealed that decision. as well as trying to have the state review its Aventura approval, apparently hoping the state will take it back.

So, guys and gals, on goes Dade’s “Hospital War” over who gets the business from traffic wrecks and shootings and worse – a statement of its own about our providing care and making money.

Two white lion cubs that were rescued from foreign hunters in South Africa have now made their way to The Zoological Wildlife Foundation in deepest South Dade. ZWF founders Mario and Marie Tabraue are ‘thrilled that we were able to rescue them and give them a safe and loving home.” The cubs will live in a roomy 40-by-100-foot fenced area that features a large rock formation and a 10-by-40 foot sheltered area for protection from the elements. Located on five acres, the preserve is already home to leopards, primates, large predatory birds, assorted mammal species and, natch’erly, a whole min-zoo of miscellaneous Florida critters, birds and bees. The good news: it’s open to the public, too.

To find out more about the Zoological Wildlife Foundation,

visit online at

BTW, rumors have spread that the property owned by Community Newspapers on S.W. 62 Ave. has been purchased by a major health care provider. Sorry, folks, it’s just not true. We’ll be the first to let you know whenever that happens! Maybe.

Thought of the Day:
Tomorrow belongs to those who can hear it coming.
— David Bowie

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2 Comments on "Signs are a Statement!"

  1. The residents are the only ones to foot the bill for the new street signs. Commercial property owners pay too.

  2. Humpty Dumpty | June 28, 2015 at 1:55 pm | Reply

    South Miami Vice Mayor Josh Liebman agreed that there is Probable Cause he violated the “use of public property” section of his city’s Conflict of Interest and Code of Ethics Ordinance when he endorsed a candidate for office in his official capacity during a televised and web-streamed city commission meeting. To avoid the time and expense of litigation, Liebman reached a settlement to the complaint (C 13-41), by entering a plea of No Contest and paying a fine of $250 and investigative costs of $500, which was approved today by the COE. His support for candidate Donna Shelley in last month’s election came during the “commissioner’s comments” portion of the October 15, 2013, city commission meeting. The Code prohibits the use of publicly-supported property to the advantage of the official or any other person. Vice Mayor Liebman was speaking from the dais in a meeting that was broadcast throughout the city and is maintained on the city’s website, which is considered a public resource.

    Just how many laws may have been broken by City of South Miami Commissioner Josh Liebman's campaign endorsement from the dais?

    3 Cheap Ways To Build Your Brand (Or Become Mayor).
    Josh Liebman decided to run for the city commission. One on of our runs we started talking about how he was going to promote himself. Josh’s concerns were that he didn’t have much name awareness, that there were not many community hot-button issues where he could stake a claim, and that most voters didn’t know — or care — much about such a local race anyway.

    . "Vice Mayor Joshua Liebman, a political rookie who ran on a platform to “restore trust and civility at City Hall,” was asked this week how that effort is going.“The definition of insanity,” Liebman said, “is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. That is what is happening here. Something has to change.”

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