Summer will be over before you know it

It’s pretty hot out there, pretty sticky, and lots of rain too. But don’t despair, relief will be here before we know it. The back to school sales have already started, vacations seem like they’ve already peaked, and although traffic seems a bit light, its soon to start building up once again.

I suppose that some folks might have a problem with this, but before too long, there will be a medical marijuana dispensary popping up around the corner. Im not sure where theyll be, but rest assured, certainly within a short Uber ride from where you work, play or live.  When the stores open up, it’ll be lots of fun to see how we Miamians get used to the idea of being able to walk in and buy some cannabis. Today, this transition may seem like a big deal, but before too long, it won’t be much different then the  ending  phase of alcohol prohibition. Im pretty sure that no matter how many stores are shuttered on Sunset Drive, our city leaders  though won’t allow a dispensary to open up in one of them. Well, thats what I think,  but ya never know!

And speaking of  craziness,the city once again stopped the Madison Square project in its track. Voting it down, by virtue that  5 out of 5 affirmative votes were needed but it came up short, with two voting against the it. The two against, being non-other than Commissioners Gabe Edmond and Josh Leibman, with the  mayor and Commissioners, Welsh and Harris, voted in favor. So, there you go again, another delay. What a bunch of crap. All five of them ought to get voted out. Including the three that voted in favor of it, and thats because they couldnt get the two other jokers to vote for it.

Gee, maybe if the city approves the whole damn project as one great big medical marijuana dispensary thatll get the votes it needs to move forward. Hmmm.

State Atty. Katherine Fernandez Rundle weighing governor bid, but will past decisions nix that race, with other candidates joining the fray?

The top cop in Miami-Dade County Katherine Fernandez-Rundle (net worth was $2.368 million in Dec.1, 2012) is said to be considering a run for Florida governor in 2018 when Gov. Rick Scott is termed out. And she gathered a host of campaign consultants to discuss her possible bid, which could be fraught with criticism of how the office prosecuted cases related to the police with one high profile death Darien Rainey continuing staying in the news.

Rundle first took office when she was appointed after her predecessor Janet Reno became the nations attorney general in the Clinton administration and she has won reelection several times since then and given she is elected county wide critics believe she is soft on local political corruption over the years and recently the Miami-Dade Democratic Party has called for her removal after the office did not pursue the Rainey case where the man was scolded with hot water while in a county jail and has infuriated the community and is still lingering and could complicate any attempt of her running for higher office either as a gubernatorial candidate or Florida Attorney general since AG Pam Bondi is termed out and she is weighing her political options for the future but if she runs her long prosecution history will be dissected in detail and could be a rough race for her to win.

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