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Michael Miller
Michael Miller

Well, Vice Mayor Josh Liebman got his opportunity to run the last city commission as the mayor had an excused absence from his duties (although he participated via teleconference) and to make even more fun for Josh, the City Manager Hector Mirabile was also absent from the meeting. And yes, the manager also got a note from home, so he wouldn’t get in trouble from the commission.

Josh did an admiral job and took care of business as the leader of the evening, the master of ceremonies or whatever you get called when you fill in for the King of the Mountain. Josh is a no-nonsense leader who is just five months into his 48 month tour of duty moved the agenda along just fine. Although he admitted it was a fragmented meeting because of the closed door special hearing that happened smack dab in the middle of the night (thanks to a court reporter who first was given the wrong time for the hearing and then on top of that ran very late).

Josh moved up the public remarks on the soccer wars and dealt with the standing room only passionate crowd smoothly. Go Vice Mayor! And BTW, it looks like he recently lost a few pounds.

The Constables on Patrol (Cops) AKA South Miami’s finest, are out writing up lots of traffic tickets. Seen ‘em on Sunset Drive around 64 Ave with their radar guns pointed right at the unsuspecting speeders.

And then there are lots more on SW 62 Ave where they catch lots of folks that are just enjoying rambling on their cell phones and ignoring the speed limit signs. And then of course SMPD loves the Big Cheese. There were so many of them over there the other day at lunchtime, I couldn’t help but wonder who was protecting us. But hold on there cowboy, don’t get your spurs in an uproar. They weren’t on duty. Whew. So, there you go! Ooops I forgot to mention, SMPD also loves Deli Lane and Casa Larios. Ok, enough of plugging local eateries.

And speaking of eating, I can’t believe it, but maybe there are some look-a-likes in town, either that or it really was Bob ( the Bobble Head or as he prefers to be called Bicycle Bob) Welch and our mayor Phil Stoddard and his wife Grey at one of the local eateries together not too long ago. Wouldn’t you want to have been a fly on that wall? Imagine all that conversing and not a word about anything that might be voted on? Hmm…

28 Find out where the candidates stand on issues of importance to you and your community. Join your neighbors on Thursday June 28 at this First in a Series of Candidates’ Campaign Forums at the Palmetto Golf Course Community Room, 9300 SW 152 St, (Miami, 33157) from 7 to 9pm.

Democratic guests invited are: County Commission District 9 incumbent Dennis Moss and candidate Darrin E. McGillis, Florida State House 117 Candidates Harold Ford, Kionne L. McGnee, and Carmen Morris, State Senate 39 Candidates State Representative Dwight Bullard, James Bush III, Sal Gutierrez, John (JJ) Johnson, and Ron Saunders, and State Attorney for the 11th Judicial District Katherine Fernandez Rundle and Rod Vereen. The Campaign Forum will be hosted by third party voter registration organization, The Ron Brown South Democratic Caucus who will be on hand to provide voter registration. Call 305-284-1023 or email deepolitic@ for more information.

Was having an early dinner over at Casa Larios recently and saw none other than Ms. South Miami — Sharon McCain — and she was there with one of her confidants, but I couldn’t quite get a glimpse of her early dinner guest. Come on Sharon, who was it? Do tell…

Also seen around town, writer Donna Shelley and artist and husband Ronald, John Edward Smith, Bill Tompkins, Wayne Brackin, Francisco Montana — the tennis guy, Mike Maler, from Deli Lane, former mayor Horace Feliu, Palmetto Bay Councilmen Patrick Fiore, former Palmetto Bay Mayor Eugene Flinn, Cutler Bay City Manager Steve Alexander, Scott Baumann, the Fitness Together guy and also happened to run into Ed Delatorre, from Ed’s Boot Camp, and BTW none of these guys were together.

Thought of the Day:
Doubt is a pain too lonely to know that faith is his twin brother. — Kahlil Gibran

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  1. Was interested in your comment about Baptist purchasing land. Could not get the article on newsletter.l. Just kept coming up about South Miami. Was curious where this property was purchased. Thanks Joyce


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