95-year-old Joe Joel celebrates birthday in a special way


95-year-old Joe Joel celebrates birthday in a special wayReaching 95 is a great milestone, and Aventura’s Billy Joel wasn’t going to have his brother, Joe Joel, celebrate with just a cake and good wishes from his family. “My brother Joe was not only a hero in the Army, but he is a hero to our entire family,” said Billy Joel. “My wife Sandra and I turned to our daughters, Lisa Mannis and Donna Eichner who know how to plan the ultimate party and asked them to plan something very special for Uncle Joe’s 95th.”

It wasn’t long before the invitations went out: Please join the family in Port St. Lucie to celebrate Uncle Joe’s 95th birthday, and the reservations came pouring in from around country. From Rhode Island and Washington, DC to Chicago and New York, family members made their plans to share in this wonderful occasion.

Great stories were told and re-told about Uncle Joe and how he single-handedly saved his Army troop by stopping an enemy attack with a Bazooka in World War II at the Battle of the Bulge in Germany.

Joe Joel’s note to his family said, “As I embark on my 96th year of life, I will carry with me the many wonderful memories of love and recognition I have been treasured with here at Club Med. My love and thanks to all of you!”

Billy Joel said, “Family is everything! Our family is so very fortunate to have a close-knit family that celebrates the good times together and supports each other during the difficult times. But this celebration was very special to me…my brother has been my hero and the entire family adores him!”

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