Advantage Computer Solutions says, “Work smarter, not harder!”


Norman Axelman, President of Advantage Computer Solutions, has a great story to share with his clients. “You’re managing a project to clean the floors of a 500,000 sq. ft. facility.

You hire a subcontractor and go to the location to see how work is progressing. When you walk in the door, your mouth drops open… you are stunned! The subcontractor hired 170 people, gave them paper towels and spray bottles with cleaner and wax, and they are on their hands and knees cleaning the floors.

You ask incredulously, ‘What are you doing?!’ The guy says that this is a really big job – it’s going to take a lot of work…so I hired 170 people. You tell him that his way is going to take 16,000 hours. You’ve got machines with rollers that dispense cleaner and wax…it should take no longer than 45 -50 hours to get the job done.”

Norman reminds us that you should be using the tools you have and saving hundreds or thousands of unnecessary hours. And yet, every day, people spend hours clicking and typing, typing and clicking on their computer to get work done that can easily be done in just seconds. The features and formulas are all there – in MS Word, Outlook and Excel, and Advantage Computer Solutions can show you in a free consultation just how easy it is to save time and money.

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