Aventura Police recognize Halloween “Zombie-Infested” Drive-Thru volunteers

Halloween has come and gone, but the City of Aventura, is still talking about the incredible “Zombie-Infested Halloween Drive-Thru’ Village” that the Aventura Police Department and volunteers built from scratch inside the City of Aventura’s parking garage to provide a wonderful free, fun and scary event for Aventura residents. After three weeks of long hours and hard work, the event needed the final touch: the ‘walking zombie’ volunteers. The energy and spirit all of the volunteers ensured that the Aventura Police Department’s first Halloween event was a tremendous success. Volunteers on the first floor gave out candy bags, danced and interacted with an unending line of car guests for hours, with the average wait time in line of 2 ½ hours, and the entire time, the young volunteers kept them laughing and dancing in their cars, just having an amazing time. As guests approached the garage, they were met by the walking zombies…all you could hear were the guests screaming and laughing all in one breath. Everyone exiting the garage was thrilled and thanked all of the officers for providing an amazing event.

The year 2020 will be remembered for a lot of things, good and bad. In the City of Aventura, residents and guests will remember 2020 with laughter and screams on Halloween weekend. Recently the Aventura Police Department invited all the volunteers back to the police station to thank them for their hard work. Police Chief Bryan Pegues presented each volunteer with a certificate of participation along with a Challenge Coin while explaining its long, storied history. Challenge Coins were first used by the Romans to reward soldiers, and the practice was then adopted by the military, and the same pride and camaraderie can be found in police units throughout the country. These coins are only giving out under very special circumstances, like the major community event that relied so heavily on the volunteers. The volunteers were also presented with 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ‘zombie’ trophies, as Chief Pegues expressed his appreciation to all the volunteers on behalf of the Aventura Police Department.

For more information, contact Rita Noa, Aventura Police Dept. at 305.466.8966 or noar@aventurapolice.com

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