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Emergency ,Info, Plan, help,people , prepared ,unexpected, happensWith over 240 million phone calls to 911 every year, how should you prepare for what might strike you or a loved one at time when community and senior safety is of upmost importance? There needs to be a way for first responders to access medical information, patient’s location, and crucial contact details of who to notify. To do this requires the right technology for quick and efficient response to the inevitable emergencies in our lives.

Products like the Emergency Alert Sticker from Emergency Info Plan (www.emergencyinfoplan.com) have been partnering with different communities across South Florida to provide emergency preparedness whether one is at home, in the car or at nearly any location.

John Pastore, Founder of Emergency Info Plan, created the Apple Medical ID Tutorial as well as its counterpart Android app after not being alerted by police when his wife called 911.

John decided to bring awareness to Apple’s Medical ID system and build the same for Android, transforming any smartphone into a life-saving device.

One of the things Emergency Info Plan looked to solve was finding the quickest potentially lifesaving solution that is remarkably simple and readily available.

In essence, by using the smartphone technology, along with dedicated Emergency Alert Stickers for phones, homes, and automobiles, one can enable 911 and first responders to access essential medical information, as well as emergency contacts, at anytime and anywhere.

When looking at the dozens of medical alert devices and services, already with their own proprietary systems, a majority of these devices only work at home or may be limited in scope. However, those devices that work outside the home tend to be even more costly.

Also, because of the stigma often associated with physical medical alert devices, some people are not willing to wear them and most times these devices will only alert 911 and do not provide critical medical information, which is necessary to responders at the scene.

The Apple Medical ID Tutorial and official Android App that Emergency Info Plan has established were designed with easy-to-follow videos, specifically to help seniors and other family members configure their smartphone’s emergency features.

For example, when looking at gated communities with guardhouses, the guardhouse can serve as a facilitator to potential emergencies by installing a dedicated cell phone to be that emergency contact for all residents of the community.

Moreover, other users of emergency preparedness technology that Emergency Info Plan has made, include highrise buildings, condominiums, schools,
Universities and even cities.

“Our Apple Medical ID Tutorial, official Android App and Emergency Alert Stickers are simple and easy to use, which demonstrate to be cost- saving solutions to help first responders locate you and access vital information immediately in all sorts of situations,” Pastore said.

This emergency preparedness technology will act as a safe, fast, and efficient gateway to helping people in emergencies. As the goal is to shave increments of valuable response time, enable access to important medical information, and overall save lives, the modern-day commodity that smartphones are, will help shift society to be more prepared for any conflict with Emergency Info Plan initiating the discussion.

John Pastore is a resident of Boca Raton, FL and is a seasoned financial planner who founded the Pastore Financial Group that serves clients in over 30 different states. He remains active within that company. He is an advocate for being prepared for emergencies and founded Emergency Info Plan LLC. A tragic incident in his life inspired him to do this.

While he was on a business trip in Vermont, his wife Elaine Lerner, called 911 from their home in Long Island. He wasn’t notified until 40 minutes later when his neighbor called him. She sadly passed away that day. Using modern technology on iPhones and a universal app his company developed for androids, 911 and emergency contacts can be alerted when emergencies occur. When first responders arrive, they can access vital medical information on the phones at the scene. Seconds count when you have an emergency. “If I had been alerted, I could have helped them get in the home faster and provided information to first responders”. He and his partner Matt Melton are using their innovative approach to help families in Florida and throughout the United States. Their Emergency Alert Stickers for phones, cars and phones show those coming to your aid that you are prepared.

For more information, visit www.emergencyinfoplan.com.

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