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Businesses throughout South Florida recently had the opportunity to attend a Grant Cardone 10X Business Academy held at their 10X Headquarters in Aventura. Participants worked directly with Cardone’s leadership team headed up by Jarrod Glandt, President of Cardone Training Technologies. Topics covered were: The 10X Rule; Building a Winning Culture; Attitude/Mindset for Success; Employee Engagement Strategies; Goals & Targets; 10X Sales Cycle; Phones and BDC Execution; Sales Training Mastery and CRM Secrets.
Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce members who attended had this to say: Ksenia Lutfillina from The Celli Financial Group of Northwestern Mutual said, “As long as we live, we have a choice to either reach our goals and dreams, or become a resource to accomplish someone else’s. Go ridiculously for what you want, be obsessed about your dreams, and enjoy watching your children do the same. “Joey Jimenez from the Dental Care Group said, “Great experience! I can see this being a good fit in our office. One of the things that stuck with me is that fear is fuel. An effective leader knows what drives their employees, and last but not least, if you can’t make people win, you can’t get rich!

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