“Life goes on…grin and bear it” says Jules Cooper, 100 years young


With his Gucci shoes and gabardine slacks, Julie Cooper is all dressed up and ready to go out for lunch and dinner. And he does just that…every day!

Originally from New York and a Florida snowbird, Julie and his wife permanently moved to South Florida in 1995. Daughter Karen Bodner said, “My Dad is just an amazing man! We talk every day and he has this truly wonderful outlook on life. He has two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren of whom he’s very proud.”

Billy Joel, former Aventura Vice Mayor, created the Billy Joel Tennis Guys group about six years ago, and every single day, they play tennis early in the morning. Julie played tennis with the group for quite a while, and now his driver takes him there two days a week to watch his friends play the game he loves so dearly. They say the ‘group that plays together, stays together’ and that saying holds true. A few years ago, the group all contributed funds to purchase a boat for disabled children for the Anchors Away Foundation. Billy organizes a black-tie dinner each January for the group and holds birthday parties every Wednesday from October through April to celebrate those special occasions. After the meals, the group moves to the patio at Williams Island to debate world issues…talk about keeping body and mind active!

Ask Julie about his life today in South Florida, and he has plenty to say. “I’m so fortunate to have such a wonderful daughter and family members. I played tennis for 25 years and now, I love watching my best friends play tennis. You know, age comes on slowly, so I tell everyone to enjoy every day. My best days are when I watch my ‘boys’ play tennis, then I go home and speak to my daughter, then I get dressed up to go out to lunch. I enjoy lunch at many different restaurants and then I go home and get ready to get dressed up again to go out for dinner. If you ask me for my best advice, it’s to ‘make every day count and to be grateful for the days that you have!”

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