“Life is a path” says Psychotherapist Tamara Filgueiras

“Life is a path” says Psychotherapist Tamara Filgueiras

Life is a path with ups, downs, turns and twists. We may hope for a straightforward journey, but it is safe to say that life is anything but that. The idea of walking the path is the inspiration and premise for Psychotherapist Tamara Filgueiras’ counseling practice, OnPath Counseling & Wellness, where she provides individual, couples and family counseling.

She describes the process of therapy as a “journey into the self” where together with clients they walk on a path towards aligning the mind, growing, healing from past experiences and unlocking their potential. This journey incorporates an approach of organizing thoughts, calibrating feelings and training the mind to effectively process any situation in their lives from a place of connection, discernment and awareness. No one can control the future or change what has happened in the past, but we can allow ourselves to learn how to re-route and design a path that becomes unblocked and primed for success.

After going through her own unpredictable turns with surviving cancer twice, she had to put into practice many of the skills she shared with clients in therapy. After making it through those challenges, it became her goal to create space for others to learn how to truly connect with themselves. When she was asked the purpose of this path, she said, “We all know it starts and eventually it ends. All I can say is that, perhaps, the purpose is how we walk it, how we forge it and how we can experience a fulfilling life.”

Tamara says, “May your journey be filled with inspiration to envision it, courage to walk it, resilience to endure it and awareness to embrace it.”

OnPath Counseling & Wellness is located at 20900 NE 30th Ave, Suite 410, Aventura 33180. 754.246.9732 or visit: www.onpathwithtamara.com.

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