Pani: A Foodie (and Photo) Paradise


Pani: A Foodie (and Photo) ParadiseFor Eliana “Pani” Trotta, opening a restaurant in Aventura Mall was more than simply a strategic business decision, it was fulfilling a childhood dream.

“When I was a child, I would always come to Miami and visit Aventura Mall,” she said. “I fantasized about one day opening a store in this mall, so this is really exciting.”

Trotta’s one-of-a-kind restaurant concept, Pani, was founded in Buenos Aires ten years ago, quickly gaining popularity and expanding throughout South America due to its delicious food and vibrant, eclectic aesthetic. Despite its origins, however, Pani is not just an Argentinian restaurant. Its diverse menu spans the globe, incorporating an array of influences.

Among the highlights is a selection of over 20 cakes, including the best-selling “Black Cookie Cake,” which features a delectable cookie crumble and creamy frosting.

The restaurant also offers a full range of options for each meal. Croissants, eggs, and omelets are among the breakfast staples, while flavorful sandwiches, salads and quiches can be enjoyed at lunch. In addition, the menu features dinner entrées that incorporate high-quality meat, fish, and a selection of pasta.

“Everything is created and presented with a lot of effort, creativity and soul,” said Eliana.

Guests will also appreciate the colorful, feminine décor highlighted by custom art pieces and wallpaper created for Pani by several Argentinian artists and designers.

In addition, all menu items come with their own setting and presentation. Everything from plates to utensils were selected by Eliana to convey the soul of her brand and enrich visitors’ Instagram feeds.

“We want everything you see to be photo-worthy,” she said.

Pani is now open in the outdoor courtyard, next to Aventura Slide Tower and the Apple store. For more information, call (305) 935-1110.

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