Power of the Heels Foundation recognizes National Women’s History Month


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March is National Women’s History Month, and in recognition of this milestone celebration, the Power of the Heels Foundation salutes women who have captured the spirit of challenging times and have shone a brilliant light on the strength, determination and dedication of women everywhere.

Going all the way back to 1346, the era of the bubonic plaque which resulted in one of the worst human disasters in history as 75-200 million people perished, there were nuns who jeopardized their own lives to save others. That pandemic spread globally as trade merchants travelled their routes. Nearly 700 years later, we can learn from the similarities and how the nuns who were in charge of the hospitals were able to care for patients and protect themselves just by covering their nose and mouth with cloth made from clothes and curtains. They washed their hands with vinegar after they had cared for each patient.

Courage and bravery were also shown by amazing women during World War II where some women could not stand back and just watch what was happening. Women like Nancy Wake, known as “The White Mouse,” was one of the most decorated women of the war. One of the most wanted by the Gestapo, she was able to save many lives as a spy during another dark period in history.

There are many women who have shown extraordinary courage and resilience through the years, and we honor them all.

The Power of the Heels Foundation will be holding an online event on Thursday, March 18th, 9 am, called “GOING BEYOND THE UNEXPECTED” presented by Israel Bonds and produced by Indigo Events in partnership with Arpi TV and powered by Effectv, a Comcast Company. This meeting will honor women in our time who have demonstrated the courage to “go beyond the unexpected”. 2020 and now 2021 have been especially challenging for women on the front lines battling a global pandemic, enduring harsh conditions in the fight to saves lives, keeping food on the table and protecting and serving our nation.

For registration and additional information, visit www.indigoevents.net

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