Young Star Mason Pace completing new album and music videos


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The music industry has essentially come to a standstill, with no concerts, festivals or tours being booked until at least the end of 2021. Most promoters are not taking any chances and booking their music festivals starting in 2022. The music industry has had a very difficult time, but it’s not slowing down for Mason Pace, 19 years old, one of the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce Young Stars.

Mason has been a participant of the Young Stars Showcase for the past five years as well as a Gibson Guitars Artist. He’s been taking advantage of the slowdown to work on his new album and brand. He has 12 new songs written and has already recorded the first three songs with his producer in Los Angeles. “I am really stoked about this new album”, says Mason. “The first album I wrote in 2018, ‘Whateverland’, was my first attempt at writing on my own. It was a great debut, but it varied in different rock styles. My new album has an awesome aura about it and it’s a great representation of who I am as an artist right now.”

Mason and his team just finished shooting two music videos and they are both in the final stages of editing. These music videos will be two of the first singles to be released off the new album. Mason has also been refining their new look, style and brand. “We’ve been refining the new logo, new brand, and the new image for almost a year now. We will have everything ready to go when the album is completed and the first singles are released.”

At least one more trip to Los Angeles is in store for Mason in the near future. He plans to get at least five of the 12 songs completely done and ready for release. He is still deciding how best to release his new music: as individual singles, as an EP, as a full-length LP, or some combination of these three. Regardless of what he decides, we can be assured his new music will rock!

To follow Mason Pace and his music, visit and register to receive updates on his music and upcoming shows. Search Mason Pace on all streaming music platforms to hear his currently released album, ‘Whateverland’.

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