‘Mother’s Day the Aventura Way’

ImageThis Mother’s Day, what do you get for the Aventura mom who has everything? Here are some good suggestions…

Mother’s Day Lunch: If you want to take your mom out to lunch in Aventura to show her how much you love her in a really big way, the Cheesecake Factory would be a good place to go since one portion size is almost big enough for the Octomom and all of her kids!

Mother’s Day Shopping Spree: If you really want to be a “mothers helper,” take her to the Aventura Mall and let her pick out her own gift so she won’t have to go to the trouble of exchanging whatever you get her for something that fits (she knows it’s the thought that counts!)

Mother’s Day Flowers: You could spend a lot to buy mom roses, but since Aventura already has such an abundance of beautiful landscaping, probably no one would notice if you picked some flowers from the medians to make a Mother’s Day bouquet…just add in a nice card and ask a friend to make the delivery!

Mother’s Day Chocolate: Calorie conscious moms who get lots of Godiva chocolate would especially appreciate a complimentary guest pass to the Equinox fitness club – or a fashionable pair of new sneakers for running after all the kids!

Mother’s Day Massage: For Aventura soccer moms, a gift certificate to Massage Envy would be a great way to express appreciation for all those pickups and drop offs…actually a limo driver from Aventura Worldwide Transportation Service would be an even better idea!

Mother’s Day Photo: There’s nothing moms like more than photos of their kids and grandkids – but this year, you might want to consider giving her a portrait of members of the City Commission – after all, they’re the ones who help ensure every day feels like a holiday in Aventura!

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