2 million funding for West Miami Potable Water

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This Tuesday, August 2nd, 2022, State Senator Ileana Garcia and City of West Miami Mayor Diaz-Padron attended the 10:00 AM groundbreaking for the $2,000,000 Phase III Potable Water Replacement Project Senator Garcia worked to secure. 

The City Council conducted a study in 2015 thanks to a grant awarded by the Florida Department of Economic Protection (FDEP). It resulted in a full blown investigation into the citywide potable water system to pinpoint flaws and assemble a municipality enhancement procedure. Presently, the 50 year old structure cannot sustain its existing size or future projected hike in residents. The city has seen an ever increasing population rise and those numbers are only expected to inflate further. Not only is the system undersized, but there is persistent documentation of perpetual leakage, recurring failures, disruption in service, and groundwork deterioration resulting in potential pollution. With this in mind, Senator Garcia has made sure that the state funding go towards developing massive improvements for the initiative.

The renovations are set to decrease the amount of potable water seeping from cracks within the aging structure and is expected to conserve an estimated 150 million gallons of water.

“Water quality enhancements are greatly needed in South Florida. I was pleased to work with Rep Demi Busatta Cabrera and Mayor Diaz-Padron to deliver for the City of West Miami $2,000,000 in state funding for the City to complete this needed renovation of its potable water system. This project will not only conserve millions of gallons of water, but it will also improve water pressure for the residents of West Miami,” stated Senator Garcia. 

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