5 Pro-Tips to Downsizing Your Home in 2020


5 Pro-Tips to Downsizing Your Home in 2020Many of us now know that tidying our cupboards and closets can “spark joy,” but were you aware downsizing your home can also enhance your quality of life?

For many South Florida retirees, the idea of moving to an independent living community is enticing. For example, Vi at Aventura offers impressive amenities, a robust social calendar, and opportunities to get involved with everything from chorus and cheerleading to volunteering and acting.

However, for many, even the thought of downsizing decades worth of furniture, clothing, and keepsakes can be daunting. Senior Move Manager Robin Meyerowitz, President of A Time to Move, recently visited Vi at Aventura to share her expertise.

Meyerowitz offers five practical tips that can help eliminate the “stuff” that gets in the way of living your best life.

First and foremost, formulate a plan. Identify a time frame, commit to it and don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Handle one room at a time, work in short sessions and take breaks as needed.

Next, start with your floorplan. Only keep items that you know will fit within your floorplan and are worthy of the space they take up. Repurpose your favorites and choose functional pieces with storage to help in small spaces.

Third, stay organized. Set up a sorting station and use colored dots to help manage the decision-making process. For instance, green dots mean keep, yellow dots mean donate and so on.

Fourth, be decisive. Only keep items you use and cannot live without. To help reduce clutter, group duplicate items, keep the best and purge the rest.
And finally, enjoy the journey!

“With our expert design team and partners like Robin, we help you make room for what matters most,” said Renee Garvin, Executive Director of Vi at Aventura. “We want to help foster a vibrant and healthy lifestyle filled with meaningful people and experiences.“

Vi at Aventura is located at 19333 West Country Club Drive. To learn more, visit miami.viliving.com, call 305-912-0613 or email Aventura@viliving.com.it

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