A Beginner’s Guide to Camping in Southern Florida


It’s your first time camping and you’re staring down the tools to build your tent and wondering about how to get that fresh cup of coffee in the morning. Worry not, because we have the perfect tools to make all beginners a happy camper. There are several local campgrounds in Florida for you to start your summer adventure.

Store your gear: There are a lot of items that go into the perfect outdoor adventure like tents, canoes, or even your boat or RV. Find a storage facility near you or along the way to a place that you frequently visit. For example, if you have a summer home near a lake, you can pick up your boat at a storage facility along the route you take. This can make the start of the drive far quicker because you won’t be towing for the entire journey.

Checklists are your friend: We like to be confident that we remembered absolutely everything but you’ll learn how crucial it is to have each and every item when camping. Find a checklist online suited best for your specific trip regarding weather, equipment and location. Remember to familiarize yourself with your gear as well before you leave, so you can look at online tutorials.

There’s always help: Campers are typically some of the friendliest people, so make sure to introduce yourself to your temporary neighbors. They can be a huge help if you ever need assistance with some of your equipment or general inquiries about the area if they frequent the campground. The best person to ask for any question you might have is the campground host so wander around the campground to locate their spot in case you ever need the extra help and expertise.

Follow instructions: The campground host may not be so inclined to assist you if your group or family are exceptionally rowdy at night. Make sure to follow camp rules and guidelines, which can be found on their website or at check-in.

The early bird gets the worm: This is a crucial tip for the first timer and even those who frequently adventure outdoors. Always arrive early or within a safe distance of sunset, so that you can set up camp fewer obstacles than necessary. Even the seasoned expert would have great trouble backing their RV up or pitching a tent in total darkness. If you have activities planned around the area, first set up everything at camp then explore.

Bonus Tip: if your ice chest isn’t as functional as you’d like it to be, look ahead to find a grocery store near your campground and pick up supplies there.

These five tips are sure to make this vacation run far smoother, so you can sit back and relax or venture into nature.

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