Allison Academy’s Plan for the 2020-2021 School Year


We will open school on August 13, 2020, with students in classes in our buildings and live on-line classes for students to access from home.  All classes will be on video via the computer camera through the WebEx portal.  This system provides audio and video from the classroom to the students at home and allows real time direct communication and collaboration between the teachers and the students at home and in the classroom.  As in previous years, we will use the School Speak portal to post lesson plans, grades, attendance, and announcements.

Attendance will be taken and recorded on School Speak in every class for all students.  Virtual Students are required to sign in to each class throughout the school day.

Teachers will be available to have virtual reinforcement sessions with students who might need the extra explanation during the day either before regular classes begin, during the teachers’ planning times or after school.

All students have technology (Some supplied by the school) and have internet access to login to the portals and to their online textbooks with Pearson Education and HRW, as well as special assignments including Membean for vocabulary development, No Red Ink for writing skills, Vocabulary Spelling City for language development, Khan Academy for math, Method Test Prep for test taking skills, English and math, DuoLino and Transparent Language for Spanish, and a variety of other sites.  Other activities, videos, research projects, music classes, and art projects are also assigned.

We have spent the past four months preparing our facility to be ready to open safely for our students.  We have added hot water in all sinks, installed automatic hand disinfectant dispensers, cleaned extensively, sprayed regularly with the Electrostatic Disinfectant Sprayer,  removed unnecessary furniture to make room for social distancing, and set guidelines for students and staff.  The guidelines include all individuals wearing masks, having daily temperature checks before entering the building, using hand sanitizers frequently, using personal water bottles, prohibiting sharing of supplies, food, or clothing, and maintaining social distancing.

Teachers will begin on the first day with their introduction to the subject matter, and proceed with this two part presentation method to maintain the pace and momentum of the curriculum and provide our students with the best possible education.

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