American Friends of Rambam host Mark Langfan, Middle East crisis expert

American Friends of Rambam host Mark Langfan, Middle East crisis expert

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The American Friends of Rambam (AFORAM), a non-profit organization has supporters around the world who understand the critical importance of the Rambam Health Care Campus in Haifa, Israel. Leading the effort for the Southeast Region of the United States is Sue Baron, who had AFORAM host a recent luncheon for the Chairman’s Roundtable members of the Aventura Marketing Council/Chamber of Commerce at the Trump International Beach Resort in Sunny Isles Beach.

Baron showed a video that explained the importance of Rambam not only to Israel and its neighboring countries, but also to us here in the United States, explaining that Rambam Medical Center represents 80 years of medical excellence, scientific innovation and humanity, serving all who come there, regardless of nationality. It is a 1,000+ bed academic and research hospital that provides comprehensive medical services for adults and children in all fields of medicine, offering the entire spectrum of patient care to their international patients.

Also present was Dr. Talma Cohen, Director of the Mental Health Center for Trauma Survivors at Rambam, a first-of-its kind Post Traumatic Stress Disorder clinic. Her multi-disciplinary team along with Dr. Eyal Fruchter, Rambam’s Chief of Psychiatry and former Chief Psychiatrist for the Israel Defense League, treats adults and children in evidence-based, short-term treatment modalities, evaluating, providing assessment and treatment to over 80 patients a week.

Keynote speaker for the luncheon was Mark Langfan, a Florida-based attorney who writes frequently on Middle East affairs and security issues confronting Israel. As Chairman of Americans For A Safe Israel, he has published numerous articles and has given dozens of briefings to Congress, their staff, the Pentagon and the NY Times Editorial Board on Israel and the Middle East over the past 30 years. Pointing to the map of the Middle East, Langfan showed that on one side of Israel is Greece with a population of 11 million, and the U.S. is sworn by NATO to defend Greece from any attack on it soil. “What is the only non-Muslim country between 487 million Muslims in the various failed states and Greece, the country we are sworn to defend? That’s Israel,” said Langfan. “Without Israel there, how much will the U.S. have to spend in our defense budget to protect our NATO country Greece?”

“My thesis,’ he continued, ‘is that Israel today is as militarily important to America against the waxing Islamic threat to Europe and NATO as Great Britain was to America when Hitler was advancing. Before we entered the war from Pearl Harbor, there was huge debate about whether we should help Great Britain, or even give them weapons. Charles Lindbergh was a leader of the movement that said, ‘We don’t need Great Britain—let it go’, but the reality was to look at the map to realize the only thing between the Nazis and our American shores was the British Navy. Today, we have people in our U. S. Congress who are saying almost exactly what Lindberg said in 1941, the Jews are one of the principal forces trying to lead this country into war, wanting to involve us in war for reasons that are not American.’ But the truth is, it is exactly American to support Israel. This tiny country is the only reason for stability in the Middle East, and without her, we will have to send our American troops to protect Greece.”

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  1. Mark gives an excellent analogy, the front line is Israel, without her alliances the rest of western Europe and moderate Arab countries will fall .


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