Avoid the Corner

One of the wisest pieces of advice you can practice in your life, is an idiom that cautions, “Don’t paint yourself into a corner.” More importantly, don’t get forced or tricked by someone else into such an untenable position. It is extremely easy to have it happen in your business life and in your personal life. You should avoid this position at all costs. It will only create a problem for you. Heed these words and do not paint yourself into a corner always have a way to escape.

Never put yourself in or allow yourself to be put in a situation with no visible choices, options, alternatives or solutions. You should always have room to maneuver and a way to extricate yourself if need be. A corner is a difficult, if not impossible, position to escape from. It will always create a predicament or a problem for you. It can have a gravitational force field of its own.

Plan your way out before you need to use it. It is your responsibility not to get trapped. Assess your alternatives.

Always have a way to escape. You will need a built in safety hatch to elude negative situations. Use the, “What if” series of questions and answers. Rehearse your responses. Train your mind to think of the possible escapes available to you. Do not rely on others to rescue you. They might not be able to do it when you need them. Anticipate the probability of certain conditions and their outcomes. Incorporate a variable amount of wiggle room in your plans.

It is better not to get trapped in the first place. Have an exit strategy. Cut and run is generally not an acceptable technique. It won’t be necessary if you have planned properly. You are allowed to save your own neck. Self-preservation is a priority, but not at the expense of harming others.

Be honorable. Plan your retreat so that you can withdraw with tact and grace.

Patricia Frankis a Licensed Psychotherapist. She can be reached at 305-788-4864, Psychotherapy.a2z@gmail.com

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