BankUnited Stresses the Importance of Online Security

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BankUnited Chief Information Security Officer Shane Rolland recently discussed best practices in digital awareness and cyber security with owners of small and mid-sized businesses during a BankUnited learning center event at the Aventura Commons branch.

“Online banking is a target for cyber criminals,” Rolland stated. “It is important to remember they are looking for flaws in your cyber defenses or ways to trick you into giving them access.”

Rolland offered the following advice and tips:

Email is a common method of attack for cyber criminals and every part of an email can be faked. If you are unsure if the email is legitimate, contact the company directly through its website or other means. Participants in real estate transactions, including buyers, sellers, agents and lawyers are at high risk.

Don’t give out information about employees or the company unless you are sure of the identity of the person requesting it. Just telling the wrong person that all email addresses are an employee’s first initial followed by last name allows a cyber thief to send fake emails impersonating the boss.

Web surfing attacks are common. Ensure your web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are updated and secure.

Be suspicious of browser pop-ups that say your computer is infected or needs help as it is often a scam. Do not click on any links within the pop-up window and scan your computer regularly for malware or viruses.

With everyone today working 24/7, make sure home network devices offer the same rigorous security as you have in the workplace.

Never forget the human factor and avoid sharing the computer or device you use for online banking with others.

Free and open to BankUnited clients and anyone who owns a small or mid-sized business, Learning Center events create opportunities for local business owners to access insights from recognized experts in a variety of fields.

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